What is Alternate way to hide folders on windows

Alternate way to hide folders on windows

It is very easy to hide folders on a PC and Laptop. We have often read and heard about hiding files and folders without using the software. Our previous guides also revealed how to hide files on Windows 10 and Mac, and the articles are available.

Create an invisible folder if you don’t want to use these old tricks and would rather hide your files from prying eyes. You heard it right. A hidden folder is safer, and no one can open your folder and file.

PROS: Hide Folders on Windows 10

Hidden files and folders will not be visible even if someone shows them.

CONS – Trick to Hide your Folders

It is important to remember where you created the invisible folder. You can’t use the search option to locate the hidden folder you created to hide files. 

Here is the Step to Hide your Folders in Windows or Mac

The creation of invisible folders will allow users to hide documents, photos, and multimedia files from their friends and family. Let’s start:

STEP 1 Right-click on your desktop and click the New button. To the Folder option.

STEP 2 When the new folder appears on screen, and you are asked to name it, press and hold 

the ALT key, then type 0160 or 255 on the numeric keyboard. Enter!

Keep in mind: To make the codes work, use a numeric keyboard & not the numbers keys at the top. We are typing an ASCII code character code unique to the character we are entering.

If you cannot see the code to work, copy the space between the quotation marks “????” and paste it into the rename section. And paste it into the rename section.

Step 3: Now, you have a Hide your folder. The next step is to make your folder icon invisible.

Step 4: Hit the Customize tab and choose the Change icon option. This option is located in Folder Icons.

STEP 5: You can see many options for folder icons. Click on the invisible icon and hit the OK button at the bottom. Click OK again 

How to Make Invisible Folders Visible Again

File Explorer would keep the invisible folder hidden and also hide any contents. What is the secret to finding your hidden folder within Windows? Drag your mouse pointer across a large area to select multiple files or folders. You can then locate your invisible folder by dragging your mouse pointer over a large area. 

Want To Hide Multiple Folders 

If you wish to hide multiple photos, videos, and files in one invisible folder, then this is the way to go. To create various hidden folders, you can press Alt+255 repeatedly to enter invisible characters. You will need to create a second invisible folder by adding two blank spaces. Folders can’t all have the same name.

Repeat the process for more than two folders and add more blank spaces.

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