Aol Email Not working on iPhone? Here’s the Solution!

Aol email not working On iphone

For the iPhone or iPad users who face difficulty because of the dysfunctional Aol Email Not Working on iPhone services on the phone, below is the solution for your issues. Try these solutions by SolveYourIssue and check if it takes you out of the problem.

Why Is Aol Email Not Working on iPhone?

The process is super easy. Follow the below steps to sign in again:

  • Go to “Settings” and navigate to “Accounts& Passwords.”
  • For the iOS 14 users, go to “Settings,” “Mail,” and then “Accounts.”
  • Select your “Aol Accounts.”
  • You will see a screen with “Aol Delightful Experience” written on the top. For some users, it may be written beforehand.
  • Click “Next.”
  • Enter the password and click on “Sign In.”
  • A “Terms and Conditions” screen will be displayed. Click on “Agree” at the bottom right.
  • There might be a save button depending on your iOS version. Click on “Save.”

Check Internet Connection

The user might check if they have a working internet connection. In the case of Aol internet services, sometimes, slow internet may affect the functionality. So, they must first ensure that they have a working internet connection.

  • Start “Airplane Mode” on your iPhone. You can open the “Control Panel” by swiping up on the iPhone screen.
  • You may connect to a WiFi connection as well.
  • Check if your problem is solved by sending mail to yourself.

Sign Out from Your Aol Email

If your Aol email still faces errors, try signing out and in. Although this method sounds funny, it interestingly works for most cases.

Steps to Remove an Aol Email Account from iPhone

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone. Now, go to the“Accounts&Passwords” option.
  • You will find a list of passwords and accounts. Now, select the Aol account you want to remove from the application.
  • Click on the AOL account, and a new page will pop out. Click on “Delete Account.”

Steps to Add Aol Account in iPhone

  • Open “Settings.” Go to the “Accounts & Passwords” option.
  • Go to the “Add Accounts” section on iPhone and use your Aol ID to sign in.

After following all the above steps, it is best to contact customer support if you still face the same issue. They will guide you about the exact problem and how to fix it.

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