How To Belkin Router Wireless Setup

Belkin Wireless Router Installation

Have you recently purchased a Belkin Wireless Router from a store, but you cannot get a Wi-Fi signal? Don’t worry, as we have got it covered for you. Every router has a security feature that protects the device from intruders. But if the router is not configured correctly, you will find it difficult to access your router. Setting up Wi-Fi signals manually is an easy task to accomplish, and you can do it on your own. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps as given below, and you will be able to access the internet.

Setting Up Wi-Fi Manually 

Below are a few simple steps that will guide you through manually setting up your Belkin wireless router. But first, you need to have an internet connection as provided by your internet service provider. Next, you will require an Ethernet cable for connecting the modem to your router. Finally, it would be best if you had a computer or a smartphone from which you could access the browser page.

  • First, you need to power cycle the modem and the router.
  • For this step, you have to first unplug the modem and router from the source of power. 
  • Now, you have to connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN or internet port of the router. 
  • Once you have done that, plug in your modem to the power source and power it up, followed by the router.
  • Now your router is ready to be set up manually. 
  • You will first need to connect your computer to the Ethernet porter using the cable in the following steps. 
  • Next, launch your browser in the system, enter your IP address, and click “Enter.”
  • The Default Belkin IP address is
  • Click on “Login.” You can even add a password later.
  • A configuration page will open where you click on “Connection Type” under the option Internet WAN.
  • Now, choose your connection type and press “Next.”
  • Enter your IP details and then click on the “Apply Changes” option. 
  • Finally, click on the wireless tab to configure the setup page. You can also change your wireless network name and channel name if you want to. 

We hope that by following the above steps, you will be able to set up your Belkin Wireless Router quickly. If you still find the process confusing or are unable to set up your router, we are always there to help you.

Router Setup Using Mac Computer 

Belkin Router Wireless Setup

If you are using a MacBook, setting up your router is almost similar to the ways mentioned above. Nonetheless, we have jotted down the steps for you:

  • Connect your wireless router to the modem using the internet cable and the internet port. 
  • Restart the Wi-Fi router and your Mac and log in to your computer. 
  • You can see a new Belkin Wireless Router network. Click on it to connect with it.
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen to set up your router using the recommended settings.
  • Finally, set a password and change the network name if you wish to. Then restart your router, and it should start working. 

You may now be able to set up your Belkin Wireless Router on your own. Still, in case of any inconvenience, do not hesitate to call our customer care service and get an instant response.

Let’s Get Started

Setting up a wireless router is not rocket science. Now that you are familiar with the steps, you need to follow them carefully, and you are good to go. You can enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal from any device you wish to use.

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