How to Solve Brother Printer Not Printing Black Like A Pro?

Brother Printer Not Printing

I know brother Printers for their excellent printing quality, but it is widespread for the black inkjet Brother Printers to have black ink cartridge problems. Many people have faced the Many Troubles of their Brother Printers. Not printing black like it is supposed to. If you are facing such issues, worry no more. We are here to give you the best solutions to solve things for you!

Why Does the Brother Printer Not Printing Black?

There can be many reasons your Printer might stop printing high-quality black ink, and a few of the most common reasons are stated below. We have also solved these common problems and followed them to get an instant remedy.

Check Breather Tape

The pause or shipping tape remains on top of the cartridge, which prevents the ink from coming out if not removed. So, make sure that I removed the breather tape before using the cartridge. 

Use Higher Quality Ink Cartridge

If you are using a low or a cheaper quality ink cartridge, then there are chances that the cartridge may not be compatible with your Brother Printer. Always use high-quality ink cartridges for a smoother flow of ink on paper. The high-quality cartridges have a consistency that does not dry too quickly to prevent coagulation. 

Ink Cartridge Gone Dry

When the ink in the cartridge gets too low, a message appears on the Printer, stating that it is time to remove the cartridge. In these cases, do not wait for the cartridge to get empty, as this causes air to pass into the nozzle. Once the air passes through the nozzle, The print quality becomes unsatisfactory as you will get only black lines instead of good prints. Continuously working with a near-empty printhead will lead to damage to the printhead.

CISS System in the brother Printer

Brother Printers often get a printhead clogging because of its fitted CISS system. Other factors like not using the printers often or using poor quality ink or near-empty cartridges also cause the Printer not to print. 

How to Fix You Brother Printer Not Printing Black

If you want your Printer to last for a long time and give top-quality black prints, then here are a few things that you can do to ensure the proper functioning of the Printer.

  • You should regularly print to prevent ink from settling in the nozzle and drying, thus blocking the print nozzles.
  • Try to get high-quality black ink cartridges as the chemical composition of such inks will not dry so quickly and will prevent the nozzle from blocking.
  • Ensure that your Brother Printer is placed in a cool place inside a room, as heated businesses will make the ink dry faster.
  • Run at least two nozzle cleans to get a smooth flow of ink.
  • Try to print some solid black images with the Printer to ensure that all your nozzles are working correctly.
  • Finally, you can use a printhead cleaning set to wipe out the dry ink that blocks the printhead.

Brother Printers are great to use, but the black prints might cause frequent troubles. With the most common problems and solutions stated. You can get a brief idea of the issues you may face with your Printer and fix it accordingly.

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