How to fix Canon Printer Offline Issue?

Canon printer offline

Does the Canon printer display the status offline? Don’t worry. It is easy to fix this issue using the suggestions in this article.

A quick review Please ensure that your printer’s power cable is connected to an electrical outlet before proceeding with the steps below. Then, restart your router to avoid any issues with your network.

Identify the Root Causes of the Canon Printer Offline Error:

The printer may become inoperable for a variety of reasons. However, the user must be aware of the causes of the Canon printer offline issue.

1. Connection issue

2. The loose wire or the USB cable

3. Sleep mode of the printer

4. The printer is currently in pause mode.

5. Paper jams issue

6. Paper tray empty

7. The internet connection is slow.

8. Malware or viruses attack

9. Software and printer drivers that are corrupted

10. After an upgrade, Printer drivers do not work with the latest Windows.

How to Resolve Canon Printer Offline

There are numerous effective methods available to assist you in resolving this Canon Printer offline issue, and this article will go over the various options. As a result, you can take the steps one at a time and try to solve the problem on your own. Take a look at these time-saving steps:

Step 1: Reconnect your printer via wifi to the internet.

Begin with the basics before branching out. As a result, use wifi to connect your printer to the internet.

1. First, forget the router and disconnect it from the printer.

2. Connect it to your printer. If you’re using a USB cable, join them using the help of a USB.

3. If you prefer to connect the wireless device wirelessly to an internet router, start the wifi Wizard Setup window of the touch screen printer and connect to it.

4. Hold down the printer’s wifi button until the wifi light starts blinking.

5. When you’re specific, and your printer starts blinking blue, connect to your router’s wifi and press the WPS button.

6. These methods will allow you to connect your printer to wifi and then connect it to the printer.

Step 2: Uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” box on your PC:

1. Click “Start,” then type “Control Panel” into the search bar.

2. Then, select “Hardware and Sound ” from the list of sub-categories.”

3. On the next window, select “Devices and Printers.” 

4. Right-click your Canon printer and select “View what’s printing.”

5. Select “Printer” from the menu in the upper-left corner of the screen. You can do so by selecting it from the menu dropdown.

6. Make sure that “Use printer offline” is not selected. If it’s checked, uncheck any tick marks before saving your changes.

7. After making changes, select “Cancel all documents” and reconnect to your Canon printer after making the necessary changes.

If you’re still unsure whether your Canon printer is in offline mode, proceed to the next option.

Step 3. Restart your printer’s spooler

Printer Spooler handles all printing jobs that are sent out to printers. Try restarting the Spooler service, and make sure that this can fix the Canon printer offline issue. 

At the same time, press the Windows key + R.

1. This will bring up the Run box. Now type services. msc and hit Enter.

2. The window ‘Services’ will open, and you’ll find the number of Windows services there. Select any service and repeatedly press P until the Printer Spooler appears.

3. Then, right-click on the Printer Spooler and select the Properties option from the menu dropdown.

4. Under the General Tab, select the Stop option located under Service status. Click”OK” to save your modifications.

5. It is expected that the Printer Spooler service will get removed for the moment. You can now navigate to delete any printing job.

6. To do this, open Window Explorer and open C drive. Windows >System32 Spool >> > PRINTERS.

7. A pop-up message will appear on the screen, asking for permission. Click Continue.

8. The folder will now open, close the window and return to the General tab.

9. Time to start the spooler service. The Startup Type of the spooler is set to Automatic.

10. Restart your computer and see if your Canon printer offline error has gone away.

Step 4: Install the most recent Canon printer drivers.

If the above strategies don’t work, it indicates a problem with the driver for your printer. This means you need to remove the driver for your printer first and then reinstall it by hand.

Download from the official Canon setup site. After downloading the necessary driver and program, you can follow the following steps to install Canon printer drivers correctly.

1. Start the Run window by pressing the Windows keys and then R simultaneously on the keyboard.

2. Open Device Manager> > Print Queues (in the submenu),

3. Then, right-click on the printer’s hardware and choose Update Driver.

4. The window will ask you to answer the question, “How do you want to search for the driver?”

5. Select ‘Browse my Computer’ for driver software, then continue.

Please select installing the driver for your printer and then upgrade them accordingly.

1. Then reboot your system to examine if the error has been solved or not.

The steps above will aid you in turning your Canon printer online.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Why is my wireless printer reporting that it is offline?

If your wireless printer reports that it is offline, you could be experiencing an issue. The problem could be causing the printer not to work, and you cannot print out the documents. Here are the most common reasons that can cause your Canon printer to become offline:

1. A slackline as well as USB cable connection

2. Internet slow-down

3. Paper jam issue

4. Low-ink

5. Sometimes, the printer stops working following a Windows update

6. Older drivers for printers and software

7. Malware and viruses attack

8. It could be that your printer has been paused.

9. Multiple printing command

How do you unclog the paper jam?

Users must exercise caution to avoid errors caused by paper jams. To eliminate a paper jam error, follow the steps below:

1. If you are printing and experiencing a paper jam problem when printing, do not issue any more instructions.

2. Move towards the printer, then turn off the printer.

3. You have to open the printer head’s door and take out the printer head to fix the issue.

4. Paper jams always occur when the paper gets stuck in the head of the printer.

5. Therefore, you need to take the lead of your printer and then slowly take the jammed paper.

6. Cleanse the printer head and return it to its place.

7. Use the form, but don’t apply the form again since it may cause a jam in your printer.

8. Switch on the printer and reissue the print command.

Do you have a reset option for cartridges for ink?

When you reset your printer, it will become completely new on the inside, and it will delete all previously saved settings, settings, location time, location, and other information. Following the reset of the printer, users have to complete everything from setting up to connecting and wireless connection starting from the beginning.

Yes, printers come with a Reset Button.

1. Shut off your printer

2. Unplug from the supply cord for power.

3. Then, reconnect the cable.

4. After 30 seconds, turn the printer back on if you wish to reset it.

5. Find that Reset button located on the printer’s front face.

6. Hold the button down and press it for 10-20 minutes.

7. The printer will be able to turn on the light that indicates Attention.

8. Then release the Reset button.

9. The Attention and Ready lights cycle as the product is restoring factory default settings.

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