Comcast Email not working on iPhone

Comcast email not working on iPhone

When you sign up for Comcast (Xfinity) Services, you will be given the option to use an email address for free.

I utilize the email address on my Comcast account for my private Email, which I don’t share with anyone – just my closest friends. On the other hand, my internet service provider experiences issues from time to time. Occasionally, it doesn’t receive emails. I’m not sure if nobody cares about me or whether it’s an issue with the software.

Below, I have listed the most significant issues I have with my Xfinity email on my iPhone and solutions to fix them for you if you require them.

The general rule is that Comcast emails are not compatible with iPhones due to incorrect Mail settings for the app. For inbound Mail, use the host with port 993, and for outgoing Mail, use the host with port 587. Also, check if the Xfinity portal’s Third Party Access Security option is turned on.

Comcast Email Isn’t Working On iPhone For These 8 Reasons.

The Comcast server is currently unavailable.

There is no doubt that sometimes, even large companies such as Comcast are prone to issues. There’s a thread on Comcast forums where people reported they were experiencing problems with their Comcast email not functioning on iPhones and other devices.

The Xfinity customer service personnel confirmed that this service was not available.

What can you tell when it is down?

The easiest method to determine when you are experiencing problems with the Mail server has gone down to sign in with the Web application.

● Go to

● Log in.

● Click on the Mail icon.

The server is up and running if you can view your Email using the browser application. Your server may be offline if you get a 500 error on your screen.

There’s nothing you can do in this case except phone Comcast and report the problem. They’re likely already aware of the problem and that their engineers are working on it.

The only thing you need to do is check to see if the server is regularly working. This could be a long time, but rarely it will take days.

iPhone has Connectivity Issues

Do you understand that if you don’t receive any emails during the day, the app suddenly starts operating after you get home? You didn’t give the Mail (or Xfinity Connect) app permission to connect to the cell network.

To test the configuration, go to your iPhone’s Settings app, tap Cellular, scroll down to Mail, and make sure it’s turned on (the slide is in green).

If not, you’ll only get emails. You will be able to send Emails while linked to wifi, and that’s probably what you’re looking for.

However, there’s an alternative. You may lose internet access at times, but the wifi router will continue to function. In this scenario, it is possible that the iPhone can connect with the wifi router but not find an internet connection, and won’t be able to connect to anything, even emails.

The correct thing is to enable the device to use wireless connectivity even with no internet connection. However, Apple computers do not support this.

What can you do to determine if you are have been in this situation?

Start Safari on your iPhone and try to access any website, such as If the browser cannot connect to any web page, you can temporarily turn off the wifi connection on the phone to connect to a cellular network.

Don’t forget to switch off your wifi back to the internet when it comes back. I recall a story about a guy who was forced to buy an unlimited internet plan through his mobile phone provider.

His friend’s family consumed 20-30GB of data every month on their devices. 

After I explained that this wasn’t usual, he investigated the problem and discovered that the usage was less than 1GB, with his wife accounting for the rest.

His wife had turned the off wifi option on their iPhone as well. Even in her home, she utilized the cellular connection. My friend was able to connect her smartphone to the wireless router at home; the usage decreased to 5GB. He could finally drop the cost of a costly plan.

On the iPhone, the Mail App’s settings are incorrect.

The most frequently encountered issue is the improper settings within the Mail app for the iPhone. If you see an error message like “ does not support password authentication,” check your Mail settings.

To test the configuration, open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on Passwords and Accounts to locate, and tap the Comcast account (it could be a different name on the iPhone).

Incoming Mail Server is where you’ll find the settings for receiving emails. If you’re having issues getting emails, this is the place that you must examine.

To view more specific Incoming Mail Server Settings, go to the Advanced tab. The following settings should be used:

● The Server Name that is incoming:

● Username: Ensure that the username you choose is a valid Comcast email address

● Password: Re-enter your email password here

● The incoming mail server port: 993

● SSL: enabled

● empty: IMAP Path Prefix

● Authentication is done through the use of a password

If you’re having problems sending emails through your Comcast account, you should check the Outgoing Mail Server settings. The settings must be:

● Outgoing Mail Server Host Name:

● Username: Ensure that the username you choose is a valid Comcast email address

● Password: Enter the email password here

● Port number for the outgoing mail server: 587 

● Authentication is done through the use of a password.

● Usage of SSL: Yes

On an iPhone, how can I set up a Comcast email?

Sometimes, the most effective solution is to blow it all away and start from scratch.

If the troubleshooting procedures above failed, you can remove this Comcast account in the Passwords & Accounts section in the Settings application and then create the account once more.

Surprisingly, the process is fairly simple. To enable Comcast mail on the iPhone, Follow these steps:

● Open Settings app

● Look for or scroll down to Settings’ “Passwords & Accounts” section.

● In the section Accounts, click on Add Account

● In a new tab, tap on Other

● Tap on the Add Mail Account button under MAIL

● You must enter your full name, your Comcast email, and your Comcast password. Tap Next. If you encounter the “Invalid Email Address” error, ensure that the email address is correct.

● After verifying, tap Save at the following screen.

● Find the Mail app on the iPhone and then open it. The app will download all Emails directly from Comcast’s server. Comcast server.

If Nothing Works

Sometimes, more radical measures are required. Below are two things to consider if there is nothing else that works.

Force Restart Your iPhone

Depending on the iPhone type, instructions regarding the button to press to reset the phone could differ.

If you’re not sure how to force restart your iPhone, search for specific instructions for your model.

Force restarts will eliminate all the junk your iPhone could have built up since your last restart. It’s also possible that some of this spam impacted Comcast’s email system.

Reset All Settings

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to General -> Reset. There are various options, and one of the options is to “Reset all Settings iPhone.”

If you select that option, it will reset your network settings and personal preferences, but you will be able to keep your data and the apps you use.

Dismiss THE Option “Erase All Content and Settings.”! It will wipe everything, and you’ll need to restore from a backup (if you already have one).

Related Questions

What Is My Comcast Email Address

This isn’t a silly question. Before you can set Comcast mail on the iPhone, you must know the email address.

To locate your Comcast (Xfinity) email address, visit and sign in.

To open the Email Web app, click the Mail (envelope) icon. You can get and send emails directly from here, with no Mail client on your computer or by phone.

Then select Settings from the Tool menu.

Click on Accounts to the left, and select edit right next to Email.

In a pop-up window, you’ll find the email address of your Comcast email address.

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