Configure Verizon email in outlook

Configure Verizon email in outlook

As with another email service, there are various methods available to join a Verizon email account; certainly, Outlook is one of the options. It is possible to connect your Verizon accounts to MS Outlook as it’s an email client that aids manage multiple accounts without facing the problems that typically occur in web-based client software.

The process of creating a Verizon email on Outlook is long. Suppose you’re looking to develop your Verizon mail account in Outlook. In that case, you will require a thorough step-by-step instruction to avoid (any) mistakes during the configuration process.

We’ve published this blog post on the configuration guide on enabling or configuring Verizon email in Outlook to satisfy your requirements. This guide also provides the outgoing and incoming server Verizon Email Settings for each IMAP and POP3 protocol.

While both perform the same function, with minor variations, you can only create your mail account with Verizon using MS Outlook using the server settings of one of them, i.e., IMAP or POP3.

Note: To learn more about the distinction between Verizon email configuration by using Verizon the IMAP settings for account servers and Verizon the POP3 settings for account servers, check out a more extensive blog on our site via this link.[Note:

Server Settings of Verizon Email for Configuration in MS Outlook

Incoming Server Settings of Verizon Email for Outlook

IMAP Server Configuration POP3 Server Configuration

Server for receiving incoming mail (IMAP) is the name of the IMAP server. is the name of the incoming mail server (POP3).

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) Port: 993 Incoming Mail Server (POP3) Port: 995

Type of Encrypted Connection: SSL Type of Encrypted Connection: SSL

Outgoing Server Settings of Verizon Email for MS Outlook

SMTP Server Settings (Similar for both IMAP and POP3 Protocol)

SMTP (Outgoing Mail Transfer Protocol) server address:

Postal Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port 465 with SSL or 587 with TLS

SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security)

With this server setting from Verizon email in your pocket, you’re prepared to set up your account within MS Outlook. Make sure to pay all your focus on the steps listed below to complete Verizon Outlook configuration correctly:

Configuration Procedure of Verizon Email Accounts using Outlook Version 10 & Above.

●    Step 1. The first step is to begin by launching MS Outlook for the email clients on your computer by clicking its ‘ Icon‘ from your desktop (if shortcuts are present). You can also look for it in the Windows ‘ All Programs list.

●    Step 2. After the program has launched, click on its ‘ File‘ tab or the ‘ Tool option at the top left corner of the page to increase the size of the Folders group.’

●    Step 3: Click “Details.” Option 3: Select the ‘Info’ option, which will present you with additional possibilities. Select ‘Control Settings for your Account’ from the first menu.

●    Step 4. Then, a tiny Wizard box will appear on your screen. Inside it, you can click on the email tab.’

●    Step 5. Then, choose the ‘Add New option to launch an additional ‘ Add New Account wizard.

●    Step 6. In the ‘Auto account setup Window,’ click on the “email account radio button” and provide the following information:

○ In the ‘ Your Name Text-field, type your complete name.

○ In the ‘ the Email address Text-field, type in your Verizon account’s email address.

○ In the ‘ Password text field, enter the Password for your Verizon account’s Password.

○ In the ‘ “Retype Password text field, enter the Verizon account’s Password.

●    Step 7. After you have entered the above details, click on a second radio button titled ‘ Manual Setup or Other Server Types Click on it. Additionally, click the” The Next ” option to select the page ‘ Select Service page.

●    Step 8. When you are on the Select Service page, select the radio button just in front of the ‘ Internet Mail option. Next, press on the ” next option.

●      Step 9. Now you’ll see the Internet email settings box open, and you’ll need to fill in the following settings for your Verizon email account within that window:”

●      Setp 10. Keep ticking these two options, i.e., “‘Requires logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA), which may be found in the lower-left corner of the screen.

●      Step 11. Select the ‘More Settings’ menu to proceed to the next page. For the following information, pick the “Outgoing Servers Tab tab for Outgoing Servers:

My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication,’ select this option

○ Then, press the radio button to the right of this choice–‘ Use same settings for my mail server that I use to receive messages.’

●    Step 12: Finally, click the ” Advanced” option to open the Advanced page, where you can specify these specific port settings. —

●    The Incoming Server (IMAP) – Enter ‘ 993‘or,

●    The Incoming Server (POP3) – Enter ‘ 995

●    The Outgoing Server (SMTP) – Enter ‘ 465

● Select the type of secure connection that follows. From the drop-down option, select ‘SSL’.

●    Step 13: At the final stage, click the OK button, then return to the previous screen, ‘Test the Account Setting,’ by clicking the Next button. This step will assist in determining whether you’ve set up the Verizon email account correctly with the proper server configurations. If the test results show that everything is in order, you can click the ‘Next and ‘Finish’ buttons to complete the setup procedure.

That’s it! That’s how you can complete the configuration process of setting up your Verizon email account settings within the MS Outlook email client. After that, using the login credentials associated with your account, you’ll be able to quickly login into the performance of your Verizon accounts on the MS Outlook email client platform.

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