How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop

How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop

We will provide answers if you are looking for solutions to link Canon printing devices to computers. If it is wired or wireless, you will know the steps before reading the article.

There is a requirement for a printer to print documents for workplace work or presentations in high school. Once you can connect a Canon printer to your Laptop via a USB-to-USB cable, you will manage your tasks quickly and efficiently. After the connection has been established, you can print your documents or presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

How Do I Install A Canon Printer On My Laptop?

Although Canon is well-known for its various printers like Canon Pixma mx490, Canon G3000, Canon mx922, Canon MX490, Canon LBP 2900, etc., the method of installation for connecting a printer to a laptop is essentially the same steps. Keep reading if you want to learn how to tie a Canon printer to a computer.

Let us look at installing the Canon printer onto a Laptop.

How To Install Canon Printer To Laptop

Step 1. Begin by keeping the printer off, and then use the USB cable. Connect part of your USB cable to the USB port on the printer and the second one into the Computer.

Step 2. Insert the Canon printer’s installation disc into the optical drive.

Step 3. Step 3: On the following prompt in the New Hardware Wizard, select “Cancel.”

Step 4. When the disc has been loaded, go through the prompts on the screen. If the CD is not running the process on its own, Click “Start”, go to Computer, and to locate the contents of a CD/DVD, double-click on the icon for the CD/DVD. Then, double-click to launch “Setup.exe” and begin using the program. Allow the drivers to be installed.

5. Turn to the printing device only after it appears on the Printer Connection display. Continue to follow the instructions.

6. Select ‘Exit’ when the wizard is finished.

The steps below explain how to connect the Canon printer to your Laptop by installing the driver for the device. If you do not have an installation CD, go to the official Canon site to download the driver.

How Do I Use A USB Cable To Connect My Canon Printer To My Laptop?

Let us connect the two sides by clicking the Canon Printer to the Laptop via a USB cable.

Step 1: Shut down the Canon printer.

Step 2. Insert the USB cable’s end towards the printer and the opposite onto the Laptop.

Step 3. Turn off the printing device.

Step 4. Now Navigate to ‘Control Panel’ by clicking the Windows Start button. Select ‘Hardware and Sound’ > ‘Devices and Printers’ > Add a Printer > Local Printer. Choose the printer port to be the connection you require.

5. Find the Canon printer option in the driver’s window and choose the model. For instance, if you are looking to connect a Canon Pixma MX490 printer to a laptop, click the model’s name.

6. Select “After providing your printer with an address, click “Next.”

7. Now, decide if you want to share your printer with other machines. Select Next.

8. Decide whether or not you would like to configure your printer as a default. Select ‘Next’.

It is done!

How Do I Wirelessly Connect My Canon Printer To My Laptop? (When using WiFi)

WPS or Wi-Fi-protected setup is possible if you own a device with similar capabilities.

The most important thing to remember is that your access point has to be equipped with an actual WPS push button. Additionally, the network should use the WPA security protocols.

Step 1. Turn the machine on. Hold the WiFi button on the printer’s top until the light blinks.

Step 2. The lamp that is next to the WiFi button will also turn blue. Once this is done, go towards the Access Point and hit the WPS button.

Once the printer and Laptop connection becomes apparent, the lights and power from the WiFi connection will cease. This is the method to link the Canon printer to the Laptop through your WiFi connection.

Wrapping up

I am glad to welcome my Canon printer home! Install it by following the instructions for setup above. Then, connect the two devices by one of the methods. Connect a Canon printer to the Laptop quickly and then. We hope that joining the Canon printer to your Laptop without or with a USB cable is answered and resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why can’t my Canon printer communicate with my Laptop?

This could be due to temporary problems, including faulty cable connections or network issues. Begin by rebooting your system as well as your Canon printer, as well. Download the Canon driver for the printer and then update your operating system.

Q2. Why does my Computer not recognize the Canon printer?

Your Computer cannot recognize the Canon printer because it does not have the drivers for the installed device. Establishing the appropriate driver for your Canon printer to fix this issue is necessary.

Q3. What can I do to repair the printer that is not identified?

If you are looking to solve the issue of your printer not being detected by your PC, you should upgrade or install the device driver. We have provided in this article how you can download the driver for your device via the official site. Another way to obtain drivers for devices is using Smart Driver Care, which allows you to download the device driver compatible with your device.

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