6 Way to Fix Firestick Is Not Connecting to Wifi

Firestick Is Not Connecting to wifi

If a Fire TV Stick won’t connect to the internet, it’s normally because of a glitch in your local connection or issue with internet connectivity. The strength of the wireless network could be low it could be due to an issue with your device that is connected to the network or it could be an issue with the internet connection. If you have set in place your Fire Stick by yourself it is a issue you’ll be able to resolve by using our troubleshooting suggestions. If someone else has set it up for you, Fire Stick and, in particular, when they installed an VPN on your behalf, it is possible to request the assistance of that person.


If you’re experiencing problems connecting your Fire stick to a Wi-Fi network, you should check some things on your router prior to doing so. For starters one of the most effective ways to troubleshoot is to ensure your Wi-Fi router working properly and doesn’t have any restriction that is preventing it from preventing the Fire TV stick from connecting to the router. It is important to ensure whether the router has an DHCP disabled, or else you need the ability to allocate a static IP that Fire TV player.

When the amount of devices connected on your router have reached the limit of the router You can add more simultaneous connections (if feasible) or remove one device to make room an additional Fire TV stick. You may likewise decide to assign the Fire TV stick its interesting IP address utilizing the switch’s DHCP menu.

Also, examine the router’s admin panel to ensure the Fire Stick Not Working isn’t blocked or blacklisted. In the event that it’s blocked, remove or whitelist or whitelist your Fire TV stick and try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network.


Additionally, you ought to guarantee that the Wi-Fi association you’re attempting to interface with your Fire TV stick to isn’t darkened. In the event that it is hidden, it won’t be listed in the list of available networks that are available on the Fire TV stick. Therefore, you’ll can choose to either de-hide the network, or access the WiFi hidden by the steps in the following.

Step 1. Go to the Fire-Stick Settings menu.

Step 2: Choose Network.

Step 3. Go down on the main concern and snap Join Other Network.

step 4: Input the SSID of the Wi-Fi organization, and afterward tap the Play/Pause symbol to proceed.

5. Then, at that point, pick the security kind of your organization and snap the Play/Pause symbol to proceed.

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