Step-By-Step Guide on Linksys Router WiFi Setup

Linksys Router WiFi Setup

Linksys wifi router is undoubtedly one of the best routers that you can get. With the Linksys Router wifi Setup, you can connect several devices simultaneously, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. But it is crucial that you set up the router first. If you are unclear about setting up the router, worry not, as we have provided you with the solutions you need. Follow our web page to get a detailed step-by-step guide for setting up your router manually. If you still face any trouble while setting up the router, contact us immediately at SolveYourIssue. 


The requirements for setting up the Linksys router are not much. All you need to have is an internet connection, an Ethernet cable for connecting the modem to your router, and finally, a smartphone or a computer from which you will access the browser. Without these essential components, you will not be able to set up your Linksys router. If you do not have these parts, make sure that you buy them before proceeding with the setup process.

Linksys wifi Router Setup

Below is a detailed set of information that will help you set up your router manually. It is a straightforward procedure following which you will set it up on your own. 

Connect to Power

· Make sure that you use the power adapter provided along with your router.

· Connect the power cable to a power source, an outlet, or a surge protector.

· Plugin the other end of the power cable to the power input located at the rear end of the router

· Finally, ensure that your router’s power button is on.

Connect Router to Modem

· Once you have plugged your router into a power source, you need to connect your router to a modem.

· For this step, take the Ethernet cable and plug it in its internet port at the rear end of the router. The port might be blue or grey.

· Now, you have to insert the other end of the cable at the LAN port at the modem’s rear end. The port is generally yellow.

· Now your router is connected to the modem.


· In this step, you must first ensure whether you have a stable internet connection.

· Then, open your web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

· Go to the address bar and type, and press enter.

· A page will open up where you have to open your router’s username and password. Usually, the default username is given as admin, and the password space is left blank. 

· Select a username and a strong password which will be difficult for anyone to guess, and click on “Login.” 

· If you forget your login credentials, switch over to factory settings and click on “default factory settings.” 

This is the entire procedure for setting up your Linksys Router, which we have written very simply so that anyone can understand and follow the steps to get set up their router.

Changing SSID and Password

In case of emergencies where you forget your password or SSID, do not panic, as a few simple steps will help you out!

· Open the browser web page and log in to the account as mentioned in the steps above.

· Then click on configuration.

· In the top left corner, click on wifi and wifi settings.

· Then type a new network name in the wifi name field.

· Put in a new strong password and click on” save” to save the changes.

· Finally, a confirmation window will appear on the window, confirming the changes.

Setting up your router might feel a bit confusing at first, but now that you have a detailed procedure at hand, you can quickly go ahead and set it up manually to enjoy instant access to the internet.

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