How To Hide Your Activity Status on Instagram

How To Hide Your Activity Status on Instagram

Recently I discussed how to hide a Facebook status from friends so they can’t disturb you online. You can be contacted by people on Instagram who can send you DMs if they see you are active. There is an option to keep your Instagram private. If you don’t want others to see your Instagram active status, I will show you how to hide it.

 Hide Instagram’s Active Status

This feature is called Activity status, for your hide your last activity from your followers. We have provided a step-by-step guide on disabling activity status on your Instagram app and your PC.

 Instagram App

To turn off your activity on the app, follow the steps below:

Open your insta app for Android or iPhone.

Tap on the picture at the top bottom right corner

Click on hamburger Menu (three vertical lines) and choose Settings.

Next, tap Privacy to search for Activity Status, tap it.

The Show Activity Stat toggle on the next page is enabled by default. You can toggle it off by tapping.

That’s it. You can now surf without being followed by anyone on Instagram.

Instagram PC

You can use Instagram on any browser or a PC by following the steps below.

Log in to your account by opening from your mobile browser or PC.

Click on the profile picture icon at the top-right corner, then click Settings.

Click Privacy & Security, then Uncheck the box next to Activity Status.

That’s it. You can disable your Instagram activity status by following the steps above. You will need to disable the feature for each account separately if you have multiple Instagram accounts.

Notice: If you disable your Instagram activity status, other users won’t see their online statuses, like WhatsApp last seen.

People you follow on Instagram or chat with can see your most recent active status. You can now talk to people whenever you want by turning off your activity status.

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