How Can you Find Your Printer IP

Find Your Printer IP

It is crucial to find your Printer IP address when you intend to access it via your network or troubleshoot any issues. The IP address of your printer is similar to their addresses. You won’t assign your printer any printing jobs or issue the other instructions if you don’t have them. Find out how to locate the printer’s IP address on either a Mac or a Windows PC.

How to Resolve Your Printer IP Address using Your Router

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or a PC, and it is possible to find the printer’s IP address by visiting your router.

Input the local IP address of your router to the address bar in any internet browser.

Use your login and username.

The IP address of your printer will appear in those devices that are connected to the internet.

How can you find your Printer IP Address in Windows 10?

There are several methods for printing your IP addresses on a Windows 10 desktop or laptop. The simplest way is to search for it within Control Panel. Control Panel. Here’s how:

Enter “control panel” in the search box. This button has the magnifying glass located near the Start menu on the bottom left edge of your display.

Click on The Devices and Printers.

Select a printer with a right-click and choose Properties.

Choose on the Web Services option. The IP address must be located near the lower right of Device Information and Troubleshooting Information panels.

If you cannot locate your printer’s name on the screen, you may conduct a more thorough search employing Command Prompt. Command Prompt. Here’s how:

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