How To Add Printer To Mac

How To Add Printer To Mac

How to add Printer to the Mac by WPS

Connecting WPS will typically Wireless or “WiFi” option on the Printer, then press the WPS button in your router. But, the steps may differ depending on the type of Printer and router you are using. So, look through your router and printer user manuals for specific directions. After you’ve set up WPS, you can move on through the steps listed below.

Hit the Apple icon on the upper left corner of your screen.

Go to the System Preferences.

Click Scanners & Printers. The option will be displayed in Print & Scan under Hardware for older Mac models.

Click the plus sign beneath in the print list. In the case of old Mac versions, it may be required to click to add a Printer or Scanner after clicking the + symbol. There may also be printers detected in the Mac in Nearby Printers section in the Add Printer or Scanner submenu.

Choose the Printer you want to add. On the Default tab, your Mac displays a list of available printers connected to the network.

Select the Printer’s software or driver from the field for UseUse. You can select from the options below.

AirPrint is Apple’s native printing technology that allows printing from AirPrint-compatible printers using WiFi on Airprint compatible printers. However, if the Printer isn’t compatible with AirPrint, you’ll require installing the driver via Apple’s servers or on the manufacturer’s site.

The Printer’s print driver is installed, if that’s the case. installed

Auto Select is a good option if you don’t already have the driver for printing, but you’d like your computer to download the proper driver when it is updated

Then click Add. Your new Printer will appear in the printer list. You’ll see it in the left-hand corner in the Print & Scan window.

 How to connect a printer to a Mac via USB

Printers without connectivity to the network can be connected through the UseUse of a USB and wired connectivity. Although equipped with wireless printing, some printers must be connected to a USB to complete the initial setup procedure. Here’s how to connect a printer through USB.

Connect the Printer’s USB to the Mac notebook or computer.

Your Mac will automatically recognize printers connected via USB and download the appropriate software. If it fails to detect, then proceed on to step 2.

Select on the Apple icon.

Go to the System Preferences.

Click Scanners and Printers. Older Mac models will show under Print & Scan under Hardware.

Select the plus in the printer list below.

Choose a printer to include. On the Default tab, the Mac will populate an automatic list of printers on the network. Search for a printer’s name that has USB in the column for the Kind.

Enter the code and click Add. This Printer’s name will appear in the printer list. You’ll be able to view this on the left of the Print & Scan window.

 How do I add a Printer through IP Address?

If you are adding a printer by following this step, you’ll need to find your Printer’s IP address. Here’s how to find the IP address of your Printer. Once you’ve figured out the IP address, you’ll need to go to System Preferences then add the Printer to the Printers & Scanners menu. This is how to do this step-by-step.

Select on the Apple icon.

Open to system preferences.

Choose Printers or Scanners.

Click on the + sign beneath the list of printers.

Select the icon for IP. It will appear as a globe-shaped blue.

Input the IP address of your Printer in the address field. Your Mac will attempt to collect details about your Printer.

If you’re not sure of the IP address of your Printer, take a look at our earlier article about how to determine the IP address of your Printer.

Change the name of the Printer if you would like to.

Select the Printer you’d like to print with in the field for UseUse.

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