How to Configure Charter Email Settings

Charter Email Settings

If you are planning to utilize Charter email using a different platform for your client it is evident that you’ll be asked to modify the settings for charter email. (Charter Communications) is known to grant access to IMAP for the (Charter Communications) account, so that you can join your email to desktop email clients as well as mobile devices.

IMAP is an Internet standard protocol utilized by email clients. it stands for Internet Message Access Protocol.

These steps can used for set up your IMAP server settings as element of Charter emails settings.

Change the type of account you want to use IMAP.

Use your email id as as your username.

Enter email password.

The hostname of the server should be

Server port- 143

Authentication required? Yes


Charter email of SMTP server settings

SMTP could also be referred to as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP protocol is used to send emails between servers. The steps for setting it up for Charter mail settings include:

Type the account as SMTP.

Username- Email ID

Password- Email account password

Hostname must be set to

Server port- 25

Do you require authentication? Yes


Everything you must be aware of Charter email settings

Charter Email has been rebranded and is now known by the brand name of Spectrum Webmail. is the domain. was reserved to assure that clients who have already signed-up with their email.

In this post, we’ll how to create the Charter email, based on the device you’re using and also how to configure the Charter email using IMAP for other email clients from third parties.

its user-friendly and easy design, Charter Email can be positively listed as one of the best email clients available.

What are the settings for email for

Create an email account on your desktop

Register for set up an account with user name and password.

Log in to the account you have created with your Spectrum account.

Click on your Menu icon in the upper left hand corner, and Select Manage Account..

Select Services >Internet.

Select to create an New email address and then create brand new username.

Then select Create Mailbox (it should be something like

Enter your password > Finish.

You’ll get a confirmation email that your email account has been set up. Choose Mailbox to open it. Mailboxto start with Your Spectrum mailbox account.

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