How to Fix Fire Stick Tv Remote Not Working

firestick tv remote not working

The Amazon Fire Stick TV is one of the most popular streaming media players. You allow users to access a wide range of streaming content from various online providers such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more. Like other streaming devices, it can transform your TV into an Android TV and allow you to use free streaming apps and premium services. That is a simple click away from the remote of your TV.

If you’re unfamiliar with firestick remotes, how to connect them to connected devices like an Amazon TV is difficult. From installing the new TV to unlocking the Alexa voice control features of the Firestick remote, you may need to seek help from a professional to complete the task instead. Plus, what happens.? Do you react if your Amazon Fire Stick TV remote malfunctions?

This media player is genuinely one of a kind. However, you cannot use the features it offers without a functioning remote control. While it is a trusted device, sometimes its remote could not function correctly. We’ll discuss today as we discuss a firestick remote that isn’t working on Amazon TV.

Replace the Firestick or the FireStick TV Remote batteries.

When your remote is not working, the first thing you must do. The battery is exhausted. This is true if you’re constantly pushing the buttons on your remote as it will consume the battery or it is a demanding task to perform. The first thing to do is switch the batteries to new ones.

  • Use your thumbs to apply pressure to both sides of your remote. Push down until the back cover moves down slightly.
  • Take the batteries off the back of the unit by lifting the back cover to remove them from the remote.
  • For 20 seconds, add 2 AAA batteries (preferably Alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries).
  • Remove the cover from the back and place them on the remote. Slide it down to snap it back into the correct position.

If you’re not able to watch the TV shows, even though the remote is equipped with new batteries, it could not be the cause. Therefore, continue to troubleshoot the firestick TV and the remote.

Connect on the Remote for the FireStick TV

Sometimes, the issue is caused by the remote not being correctly connected with the FireStick TV. Like similar controllers of Bluetooth devices, where you must go to settings, the procedure is different when pairing the Amazon fire stick remote to your TV box.

To properly connect the fire stick remotes with your FireStick TV, ensure that you follow the steps below.

  • Hold and press the Home button on the remote for a minimum of 10 seconds. When you press and hold the Home key, it will connect the remote to FireStick TV. FireStick TV within one minute.
  • If it doesn’t pair, then disconnect an adapter to power the FireStick TV device or an outlet on the wall.
  • If your FireStick TV device is off, reset your FireStick TV remote by pressing the Menu button, the Back button, and the left part of the navigation rings simultaneously. Press all three keys for 10 seconds. This won’t reset the default setting on your FireStick TV device. It takes away FireStick TV settings from the remote.
  • Take the batteries off the FireStick TV remote and connect to your FireStick TV unit. Watch for the Home screen to display.
  • Place the batteries back into the FireStick TV remote battery compartment and then wait for a minute.
  • If your remote hasn’t been paired, you might need to press the Home button in the remote’s control for about 10 seconds.

After pairing is completed, check to see whether the issue is resolved. Verify, you’re in the right line of sight aren’t blocked. Another thing you’ll have to verify is the HDMI port on the back of the television. Unplug it, then plug it back in to refresh the cables.

Verify your FireStick TV or Fire Stick remote compatibility

It’s unnecessary to do this when the remote you’re using is from the box. If you replaced the remote with a brand new one or with a third-party remote, and then the remote ceases to work, Try determining whether it is compatible with your specific FireStick TV model (ex. FireStick TV Cube and FireStick TV stick 4K, which uses the 4K Fire Stick Tv Remote Not Working).

You can try using your FireStick TV app remote.

If you own either an Android or iOS device, visit the individual app store (Google Play and Play Store, respectively) and download the Fire television or Firestick remote application. When you open your firestick app on your tablet or smartphone, it will allow you to manage the firestick TV with Amazon’s FireStick TV directly from your device, provided that it’s connected to an identical network that you use for the FireStick TV. The remote app may not function if you are connected to an alternative network.

If you’re interested in more details about the application you’re planning to download, continue studying the Firestick remote app for a free guide. Everything you require knowing will be included. After the download is completed, you can start the app and play around using the app.

Replaces the remote on the FireStick TV

If the remote is not working, replacing it or purchasing a new remote is the last thing you’ll have to do if these steps cannot solve the issue. However, you can use your TV remote application, which implies that the remote you have has been damaged and must be changed with a brand new remote.

Remotes replacement for devices with FireStick TV is available on Amazon. Amazon Store. If you don’t have a store in your region, you can place your order on the internet. A replacement remote is shipped to you when it becomes available. It might take several days for the item to arrive, but they’ll surely inform you by email of the ETA. Don’t forget to supply your current email address when you place your order. The shop usually provides 30 days of money-back assurance, so if you are concerned about receiving a non-working remote, you can return the remote to them and claim your money back if the remote does not work.

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