How to fix McAfee not working on Windows 10

McAfee not working on Windows 10

McAfee is a well-known anti-malware program that provides customers with advanced protection capabilities. Besides virus cleanup, McAfee offers applicable network and device security technologies.

According to the device specs, McAfee antivirus offers a variety of plans. McAfee antivirus may be readily installed on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. However, some Windows 10 users have reported problems while scanning with McAfee antivirus.

Reasons behind McAfee Antivirus not working on Windows 10

1. You have an incompatible McAfee antivirus installed.

2. The McAfee license is being transferred to another platform.

3. Certain McAfee profile files are missing.

4. The registry files associated with McAfee aren’t working.

5. Your antivirus software is incompatible with another program.

Best ways to fix McAfee not working

Update your Windows 10 cc.

If any program on your Windows device is causing you problems, check for recent updates. Click the Start menu to select the Settings option. Click the drop-down option to choose Update & Security.

Select option the Update Now from the drop-down menu. If a new update is available, your device will begin downloading and installing it. You’ll have to wait till the updating operation is finished. Restart your device to apply the update changes. Look for alternatives if McAfee Live safe isn’t scanning.

Update McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus can provide regular updates to keep the malware charts updated. If you’re having problems with McAfee on Windows 10, it’s because your McAfee data chart hasn’t been updated. Your McAfee antivirus must be updated immediately.

Select Apps from the drop-down menu on your settings page. Update the McAfee item by right-clicking on it. Follow on-screen instructions to complete McAfee installation. After that, restart your Windows 10 PC to see whether your McAfee virus scan troubles have been fixed.

Check your Windows PC registry files.

Any error in the registry files could cause a slew of issues. If your McAfee-related key becomes corrupted, you must correct it as soon as possible. You will not repair the key if you lack technical knowledge. If you want to change the registry, create a backup key for McAfee and then make the changes. Following the methods given below, you can create a backup:

1. Exit McAfee’s error wizard.

2. Type command into the search bar.

3. Press and hold the shift and Ctrl keys simultaneously.

4. Press the Enter key.

5. A permission wizard may emerge.

6. Select the Yes option.

7. The command screen will appear.

8. On your command prompt, type recorded.

9. Click the Enter key.

On the screen, you’ll see the Windows registry editor. Look for a key that has something to do with McAfee errors (McAfee password reset). Choose the key and save it as an a. Reg file. Now you can keep the key to your Windows desktop. Repair the registry files that have become corrupted. Try running a full system scan from the McAfee antivirus dashboard.


Look for the methods listed above and apply them in the same way to check if the McAfee Installation Error is resolved. Follow the steps exactly and use them the same way every time. If this does not resolve the problem, You may contact experts via chat, and they will try to resolve the McAfee Installation Error issue.

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