How to fix the Fire Stick not working

Fire stick not working

If you’re experiencing issues, your Amazon Fire Stick is not performing in the way it should. Perhaps you’re experiencing buffering issues with your video, or maybe your remote isn’t working, or it’s not charging.

There are a couple of things you can do to make it work again. Let’s look at the steps to fix you. Find that your Fire Stick isn’t functioning.

1. Check Your Fire Stick Is Set Up Properly

The first step is to make sure that your Fire TV Stick is set correctly. This may seem obvious however cables could get loose with time. If your device appears to be incomplete disarray, Try a different HDMI cable on your television too.

Ensure that the Stick is working correctly and connected to an outlet in the wall or the power strip, and run the correct power adapter if you have one.

Do not use the TV’s USB ports to get power. Although it’s tempting to use one cable less behind the TV screen, these ports won’t always provide enough ability to keep a Fire Stick running smoothly.

Even if it works entirely it will restart randomly, and boot loops are pretty likely.

2. Restart the fire stick again.

I designed the Fire Stick to be left unplugged and connected all the time. However, you can resolve many issues with a single reboot, such as connectivity issues or problems with updating.

There are three methods of restarting the Fire Stick.

Click on settings > My Fire TV, restart, and click Yes when asked. This is the best choice to close all software correctly before restarting.

If I froze your Fire Stick and it isn’t able to navigate through the menus until you reach Settings, Press your Choose or Pause/Play buttons on the remote for approximately five minutes or for as long. This will trigger immediate rebooting without a confirmation screen.

If none of the options above works, the last option is to pull the plug. The removal and reattachment of the power supply can trigger a restart. Do this only when your device is updating.

3. Check Your Network Connection

If you’re experiencing slow performance, a buffering video, or the main interface doesn’t seem to load; Your network connection might be at fault.

Visit settings > network to confirm whether you’re connected to a Wi-Fi connection. You can also verify the strength of the signal by clicking here. If your password is weak, you’ll experience slower speed no regardless of the speed of the internet connection you have. This could cause issues like buffering or a decline in resolving your images.

The only solution to this is to move both the Fire Stick and your router so that they’re closer to one another and have fewer obstructions to the signal between them.

If you experience dropped connections or any other issues with Wi-Fi, swiftly restarting your router will often assist.

4. Install all updates available to Your Fire Stick

There are many reasons Fire Stick problems are necessarily specific to the device. There could be flaws in the software that can affect how it operates. To avoid this, check that the software on your computer is up to current.

Amazon suggests you keep your Fire Stick plugged in and connected at all times. This lets updates happen while you sleep, and you won’t have to worry about disconnecting the device when its being updated.

I expect updates to happen automatically. However, determine if they are available and start the process by hand if you require it. Navigate to Settings > My Fire > About > Search for Updates to start.

5. You can reset your Fire Stick apps.

There are plenty of excellent apps you can download onto the Fire Stick. However, sometimes they cease to function or stop working at random. If this occurs, there are three options to repair it.

The first step is to ensure that your applications are up to current. Like the Fire Stick software itself, it should be done automatically, but you can perform it manually. Navigate on to settings > applications > manage Installed Programs. Select the application that’s malfunctioning, and you’ll be able to download an update if one is on the market.

If you are unsuccessful, you may reset the application. Select the app you’d like to repair from the same menu and click Clean cache. It will delete all files and information that the app temporarily saved, which could cause issues.

If you’re still not able to fix it, you can go back to the same menu and choose Clean data. This will completely reset the app. It is necessary to start the app from scratch, including the login information.

Keep in mind that removing apps you don’t want to use will aid in helping speed up performing your Fire Stick.

6. Fix Your Fire Stick Remote

If your Fire Stick remote isn’t working anymore, there are a few ways to restart it. In most cases, continuing the Fire Stick itself will be sufficient.

If you don’t, you can reset or fix the Fire Stick remote by pressing the Home button for about 20 seconds.

Try getting the batteries out before putting them back in or switching them out for a different pair. Please make sure the connectors for your battery get an easy wipe to clean them while you’re doing it.

If they don’t work, then the remote may be damaged. But don’t fret; there are many alternatives to Fire Stick remotes you can purchase. And as you wait for the replacement to arrive, you could make use of your smartphone to control the remote instead.

Read our tutorial for ways to connect to the Fire Stick remote for more details on setting up the device.

7. Reset the Fire Stick.

Last but not least, there’s the option to go nuclear. If you’ve tried everything, but your Fire Stick isn’t functioning as it should, you could reset it back to default settings and then set it up like it was completely new.

Click on settings > My Fire TV > Reset factory defaults and click on to accept the prompts.

After they have completed this after that, you’ll need to go through the entire set-up process all over once more. This involves entering your Amazon account information and installing all your applications. Any other modifications you’ve made to the settings won’t be saved; however, things like your watch list will survive the process.

Fix a Fire Stick not working

It’s a good thing that the Amazon Fire Stick is quite reliable, and if it stops working, it’s pretty simple to repair. Connection and power issues are likely to be the cause; It’s only when you’ve investigated these that you’ll need to be concerned about resetting applications or digging too deeply in the setting.

However, the device might become damaged beyond repair. If that’s the case, you’ll need to take it off and replace it with an entirely newly built Fire Stick, or you might consider a different device such as the Roku instead.

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