HP printer is not responding

hp printer not printing

Printers are fantastic devices when they work correctly, but when they don’t, it’s not so great. Here’s how to understand the most common issues, including not printing through blocked spouts and different problems. Printers can run consistently for a long time and produce many prints; however, they can also break down or stop working entirely.

The printer isn’t Printing HP printer is not responding.

There are numerous reasons why your printer is not printing, so start with the fundamentals, such as verifying whether there is a blunder message or cautioning to turn on the printer’s light. Check that there is paper in the tray(s), that the ink or toner cartridges are not empty, that the USB link is connected, and that the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. Also, if it is a system or remote printer, take a stab at utilizing a USB link. As far as we can tell, some HP printer is not responding to their association. As a result, it is worthwhile to unplug your printer, and any power line arranges connectors when not working correctly.

Why HP Printer is not Responding

On the off chance that your printer is displaying an error, there might be an issue with the printer itself.

Ascertain that the printer is turned on and connected to your PC via Wi-Fi or a link. Examine it for paper or ink, and make sure the form isn’t stuck.

Fix HP Printer

Clear a paper jam from an outer input tray, output tray, or (ADF) automatic document feeder. Here are some essential tips that will help you fix the HP printer.

Clear or remove the jammed paper from the following areas.

Input and output paper trays

Open ADF cover and remove jammed paper.

Clear a jammed paper from the inside of the printer

Turn off the HP printer.

Make sure you disconnect the power cord and any other cable.

Ink or toner cartridge area

If any parts were removed, replace them and close any open doors.

Now, Reconnect the power cord and other cables that were disconnected.

Now Switch on the printer. The issue with the jammed paper will be resolved.

Troubleshooting Guide for HP Printers

When your printer does not work during peak hours, it is highly inconvenient; the HP printer troubleshooting guide assists you in quickly resolving the issue.

Ensure that your printer is ready

If the printer is unavailable for communication or off or it is offline. Ensure it is ready to receive a print job. Check if your printer is in sleep mode or out; press the Power button to turn it on.

Check that the printer has loaded paper into the input tray, that cartridges or the correct ink are installed, and that there are no errors or blinking lights on the control panel printer.

Restart it and wait until it is ready to print.

Try to print. If the printer stays offline, go to the next step.

Reset the printing system

Resetting the print clears system by removing all HP and non-HP printers, printer preferences, and print jobs. Click on the menu and then on System Preferences.

Click on Print & Scan, Print & Fax or Printers & Scanners.

Control + click anywhere in the Printers window, then select Reset printing system.

Click on Reset in the confirmation window.

Please enter the name and password you set earlier and click OK to reset it.

When your printer is reset, add your printer back to the list and try to print. If the printer does not work offline, go to the next step.

Troubleshoot issues with network or USB-connected printers.

Driver Installation Guide for an HP Printer That Isn’t Responding

  1. Are you ready to install your new HP printer on your computer or laptop but have no idea how to do so? Here is a quick guide to installing an HP printer for you.
  2. First, connect your HP printer to your computer or laptop. Next, turn on your computer or computer and HP printer. Use a USB cable to connect the USB port of the HP printer, which is on the rear side, with your computer.
  3. Install the printer driver for your HP printer (HP printer driver installation guide)

Insert your printer driver CD that one of the computer’s accessories HP printer is not responding application to install the driver for your HP printer.

If you lose your printer driver CD, do not worry because you can download Driver Easy to help you install the latest driver for your HP printer.

Driver Easy will immediately recognize your system and locate the appropriate drivers for your printer. Driver Easy is simple to download and install online. Now, launch Driver Easy and select Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer, detect any problem drivers, and find the correct one for your printer; now, you can Click on update automatically and then install the correct version of all the missing or out of date on your system.

Print test paper

Now you have all set your printer, now check if your printer prints with the rough page by sending the command to track if a test paper gets printed, congratulations! You have set up your HP printer.

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