How To Do Icloud Password Reset

Icloud Email Password Reset

If you don’t have two-factor authentication turned on your Apple ID, then you will need to use your email address or answer security questions to change your iCloud Password Reset.

NOTE: We suggest enabling two-factor authentication for security reasons.

Follow the steps For Icloud Password Reset.

  1. Visit the website in your web browser.
  2. Enter the email id linked with your apple id
  3. Click On Continue
  4. Select the reset password option on the screen.
  5. The site will ask you for two options:
  6. Send an email
  7. Answer Security questions
  8. Click on Send an Email
  9. Click on CONTINUE, followed by DONE.
  10. Open your mailbox for the email address linked with APPLE ID.
  11. Click on the mail titled – “Icloud Password Reset.”
  12. Click on Reset Now link.
  13. Enter the new password and click on Done
  14. And after following the above steps, you have successfully changed your Reset Icloud Password. For those, who want to answer security questions, follow the below written steps.

Select answer security Questions

Verify your Birthday and click on CONTINUE

Answer the two security questions you have been asked.

Click on continue.

It will redirect you to a form asking for your new password.

Please fill out the new password and retype it to confirm.

Click Confirm

Click Reset Password.

Hurrah! Successfully iCloud Password Reset.

If you use two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Visit the website in your web browser
  2. 2. Enter the email id linked with your apple id
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Now Enter the phone number linked with your Apple ID
  5. Click continue and select the devices connected to your account
  6. Select the Device
  7. Click on Allow Button
  8. Enter the password for the given device and Tap Done
  9. Now set your new password, and you are good to go
  10. Tap Next and then Done

After following one of the above three methods, you will be able to change the password for your iCloud successfully

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