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juno email settings

Juno email is a great alternative as it is compatible with many email applications like Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and MacMail. But, finding settings for Juno email settings might be a challenge because you’d have spend some time online and look through many pages to locate the settings.

You’re in luck because we’ll be able to help you with various settings, all at one location.

Juno Email Server Settings

All server configurations for devices are the same. It is possible to use the following settings to adjust it.

Incoming mail server settings:

Server: POP/IMAP- POP3

Server address: pop.juno.com

Security type: SSL

Outgoing mail server settings:

Server address: smtp.juno.com

Port number 465

Log in: Required

Juno email settings for Android

If you’re looking to set up Juno emails on your Android device, then you can look up the settings below:

Visit the email application on your Android device.

Select ‘Add an account’

You will be presented with a window in which you will be required to input your Juno login details

Log in using the details of your Juno username and email, then click on “Login”

There will be an option from which you’ll have to select the type of account you want to use.

Input the outgoing and incoming server settings into the appropriate fields that have been shared above. Then click to sign in to the account.

You’ll need to be patient for a few seconds or even a few minutes before the registration process is completed

Once this is completed after that, you will be able to access Juno account on your device. Juno account from your phone

Juno email settings for iOS

If you’re looking to enable Juno email on your iPhone then follow the following settings:

Go to the settings on your iPhone

Select ‘Passwords and accounts then, navigate to the section that says “Add account”

There is an alphabetical list of the companies that offer email services. If you’re unable to locate Juno’s logo, refer to the next step.

Click on the ‘Other’ button to change the Juno email settings.

Select the option that says “Add mail account’.

It will ask you to input your Juno email account information like the username, password outgoing server and incoming server information within the specific fields.

After entering the data, make sure to double-check for errors.

Once you’ve verified the details after you have verified the information, click “Save”

Your Juno Account will be created. After that, select the option ‘Advanced’

Verify that the outgoing and incoming address of the mail server is correct or not. Use the settings above to confirm the information.

If they’re right, click “Done”

Juno mail settings are saved to your iPhone and you will be able to gain access to it quickly

Juno email settings for Outlook

If you’d like to set up Juno email within Outlook then you should refer to the below settings:

Open Outlook, click on “File”, and then click on the Account Settings option.

Click on ‘Email’, and then click on “New”

Then, navigate to the server settings and select next.

After you have selected web-based email addresses after that, you will be asked to input the following information:

Your name is

Juno Email ID

There is an option that reads “Type account” right under the server details. Choose POP3 and type in the following information:

Incoming e-mailaddress: pop.juno.com

Incoming port: 995

Outgoing email: smtp.juno.com

Outgoing port: 465

In the section titled “login information,” enter the details of your Juno email ID as well as your Juno password.

Select ‘Test your account settings If you can confirm that you have the settings you want, click Next’, and then ‘Finish’

If you are stuck in any area or require assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Juno Support and their experts will assist you to the very best of their ability.

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