6 Easy way to fix : Microsoft Excel opens a Blank Sheet

Microsoft Excel opens a Blank Sheet

Are you one of the people who is experiencing this issue? Excel opens, but the spreadsheet doesn’t open, or does a blank display appear only? Sometimes, the Excel spreadsheet appears empty with no cells with no column or row names or grid lines.

Do you know the reason for this and how to get your Excel to return to normal? If not, continue reading, and you’ll find the answer to all your questions.

In this article, I’ll provide you with the most effective solutions to fix Excel open blank issue, or the Excel file displays a blank grey screen. Additionally, you’ll learn all the details about how to fix this Excel open-blank problem.

Why is my Excel file opening blank?

Excel opening blank is an issue that is extremely annoying commonly encountered by Excel users looking to access the Excel files. If users double-click an Excel file or the icon for the workbook, the program begins; however a blank screen is displayed with white or, in certain cases, a grey screen in place of the File.

Some users are experiencing the issue when using the File menu > Open > Workbook.

It doesn’t matter whether the screen appears gray or white; it’s extremely irritating. It’s also a problem with Microsoft Support. Microsoft Support has described that problem as a result of installing the security update.

These security patches KB3115322, KB3115262, and the KB3170008 in Excel changed specific types of files as well as how they are opened. When users try to access HTML or XLA files using the Excel .xls extension, the program will alert users to disconnecting between the contents of the File and the files, but it will open with Protected View security.

When you install these security patches, it can’t open the workbooks but instead display a blank screen because the files cease to work to the application’s Protection View function. There is no warning message in connection with the issue.

Like Issues Relating to Excel Opening Blank Screen Issue

Excel opens with a blank grey Display: While working on Microsoft Excel, lots of users are confronted with the issue of grey screens. This problem is being experienced by users who have updated their systems from the versions of 2007 and 2010 on in Excel 2010 to Excel 2016. However, this is not restricted to Excel 2016. Excel 2013, users are having the same problem.

Excel Doesn’t Open, The White Screen Another problem that is connected to the Excel issues with blank screens opening. When opening Excel files, many users see the white screen. The problem is especially affecting those who are Excel 2016 users running the Windows 10 operating system.

The two scenarios encountered by users when Excel files are opening in with no content

Also, check out the best solutions to solve the Excel Opens Blank Problem and then simply open your workbook.

How Do I Fix Excel Opens Blank Problem?

It is true that there isn’t a solution that is 100% correct for this issue, so test the various solutions and see which one is effective for you. These solutions work in both cases where you open the Excel file displays without a grey or blank screens issue. Try them out for your particular situation.

1. Remove on the Ignore DDE box.

One reason that is obvious for the Excel program to stop opening files is by selecting to tick the Ignore DDE checkbox (Ignore other applications that employ Dynamic Data Exchange).

DDE’s DDE purpose is to transmit an email to the program every time the user double clicks and then tells it to open a document or workbook which has been double-clicked in order to open.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Excel is a program that can be opened. Excel software
  • If you want to open a new workbook, navigate to File> Options > Advanced select General tab
  • Uncheck the other applications that utilize the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) box.
  • Then then, click OK.

Note: Selecting the Ignore DDE option will not allow you to open the workbook if double-clicked because Excel ignores all the instructions for other programs to Excel.

But, it’s an effective solution that has helped numerous users open Excel by resolving the Excel refusing to open white or grey screen display issue.

2. Hide/unhide

Also, you could attempt this to resolve the Excel opening blank workbook problem. Excel users can conceal Excel documents by choosing an option to Hide option. As a result, the screen is blank instead of the spreadsheet file.

3. Change the Excel File Associations. Excel Associating Files

Try setting Excel’s Excel association with files to the default settings in order to solve the Excel cannot open file issue.

Follow the given to follow:

  • Under the default programs, Click Create your default program ( The search the process begins to search for the default program you have selected)
  • Then from the default programs list, choose Excel. Excel
  • Click Select the default program for this program. A set-up screen is displayed.
  • Simply select All Save > Ok.

I hope this helps you solve the issue. Excel file that is not opening without a grey or blank screen. A white screen pops up and allows you to open your Excel file quickly.

4: Repair MS Office

In many instances, the Microsoft Office issue causes many issues, and so it is suggested that if the issue remains unresolved and you are unable to fix it, then you should try fixing Microsoft Office applications.

Follow these steps for doing this:

  • Click the Start the button Control Panel > Programs
  • Then click Uninstall Office. and then Microsoft Office
  • Click Change
  • Repair > click Online Repair

Once the entire repair process is completed, reboot your PC and see whether the issue has been resolved.

Solution Disable Add-ins excel add-ins often hinder the loading of documents, and therefore here is a list of add-ins.

There are two kinds of add-ins that can cause Excel programs to stop opening the files.

  • Excel add-in
  • Add-in for COM

Also, turn off Excel add-ins and see whether this can help you.

  • Start Excel, and if the workbook is opened, open File File
  • Select the Options tab and select Add-Ins
  • and then look for Manage the on the right side of the screen
  • In the drop-down menu, select Click Go
  • From the box, remove an add-in listed on the list.
  • Click OK

After you have completed the entire process, double click on the File to start your Excel application.

Please note If it is still not solved, then follow the steps and choose the correct add-ins, then delete it. Try to open the Excel workbook once more.

5. Delete hardware graphics acceleration.

Try turning off the option for hardware graphics acceleration. This has helped a lot of users resolve the Excel closing problem.

Follow the steps:

  • Open Excel program > File > Options
  • Select Advanced > Find the tab for Display
  • Locate the Hardware graphics acceleration box that you want to disable and click it.
  • Click OK

Verify whether you can determine if the Excel will not open the File and a white screen is fixed, or it isn’t.

5. Contact Microsoft Support Microsoft Support

If none of the previously mentioned solutions worked for you to resolve the issue, the next step solution is to use HTML1 to get in touch with Microsoft Support for additional solutions.

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