Why My Payment Declining by paypal

Payment Declining by Paypal

You must enter an alternative payment card or credit/debit card. “it could result from one or more of these reasons:

The card you use is linked to one specific PayPal account, but you’re not signed in to that account.

The card you used was linked to a PayPal account, which was closed.

You’ve linked your card to a PayPal account; however, you’ve not yet confirmed the link.

You’ve reached your limit on your credit card by using PayPal.

Your email address raises the alarm in PayPal’s system.

Your browser isn’t accepting cookies. Clear any cookies that are already in use, and then try again.

Credit card declined

We understand how difficult this could be! Let’s look at this in detail. There are several reasons why your purchase using a credit card might not get through:

An error occurred when entering your credit card details

The credit limit is exceeded / credit is not enough on your account

The card could be expired or is not activated for online transactions.

The credit card company may have imposed limitations to the credit card (which they often do for foreign transactions online)

To conquer any of these difficulties, take these guidelines:

Try using the alternative browser to complete the purchase. In many cases, an incognito browser will work. Use it, and then try buying from there instead.

Double-check the information for your credit card that you have entered at the time of checkout to be sure that it’s true. Ensure you have entered the correct card number, CVV number and Expiration date.

Examine your bank statement or credit balance to determine if you have enough funds to complete the payment.

What if the above steps aren’t working? Contact your credit card or bank provider to confirm the issue regarding your card.

If your bank is unable to help you and you suspect there’s something wrong with our payment, Contact customer support, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can! (Note that you should provide as much information as you can in your message to clarify the situation. Screenshots are handy.)

Your PayPal Payment Declining?

There are a variety of reasons that you’re receiving an error message or why the payment doesn’t go through.

If your credit or debit card was denied, check to see the following:

Your card is expired or is no longer valid–if the card you hold doesn’t match the current billing address or has passed, it will be denied. You can correct the information on your card in your PayPal account. PayPal account.

You’ll need to verify your credit card–your card might have to go through a verification procedure.

The company that issued your card or bank will have more information–if these steps fail to resolve the issue, you can contact the credit card provider and ask them to pinpoint the problem. To safeguard your privacy, your credit or debit card issuer or company will not reveal to PayPal the reason why your credit card was rejected. If you can use your card, attempt your transaction once more.

If your transaction doesn’t be accepted by your bank account or if you’re having issues with your credit card, try:

Change your payment method during the time of checkout. If you’re only using one payment method connected with PayPal, and you want to change it at checkout PayPal accounts, you’ll have to add a second payment method before you can make this change. You can choose to add your debit or credit card or link the bank account you have, and both are quick and easy and will provide you with more flexibility during checkout.

They confirmed that the recipient’s email address and phone number were correct. Please verify that your recipient has registered to their PayPal account by verifying their account information. Payments will be rejected if they don’t have completed the process.

Source: www.paypal.com

Do you want to make a payment for your purchase using PayPal Balance?

Please be aware that we don’t take Paypal Balance payments.

Are you unsure if the payment was successful?

If you’re not sure whether the payment went through, you should examine your account statement. If you don’t see any recent transaction for Mindvalley on your online bank statement, this means you didn’t get debited.

If you didn’t receive an error message in your transaction or an email from us containing information regarding the program you purchased recently, it is a sign that:

Or, the email address you used in the payment form is incorrectly spelt. Find out more about what to do in such a situation here.

Or that the payment could not be processed and didn’t take place, so you have not yet been charged. This could also mean that you aren’t able to access your account at this time.

500 Error processing

If you’re seeing this error, likely, our payment system is down at the moment. We’re genuinely sorry for any inconvenience.

Before you attempt to purchase again,

Make sure you aren’t charged on your bank statement.

Clear your browser history and cache.

Make sure to repeat the transaction within 24 hours

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