Pogo Games Not Loading Windows 10? We’re Here to Help You!

Pogo Game Not Loading Windows 10

What can be a better way to kill boredom than playing super engaging Pogo games? From fighting, car racing, coin games, board games and others, Pogo games offer various games belonging to different genres. But sometimes, you will find that the game has crashed or there are technical errors. So, check out some solutions that we, at Solveyourissue, are providing you with. 

Turn on Java and Flash

Sometimes the Flash or Java player may not be enabled in your browser, which causes the game to crash. That is why you must enable it. Here is how you can do that:

  • First, open Google Chrome or any browser you are using and go to the settings section.
  • Then, scroll down to the contents portion, where you will see Java and Flash separately.
  • In case both are disabled, then enable them and try opening the game again. 

Resolve Wednesday Challenge

Wednesday Challenge usually drives a lot of traffic to the game’s website, as there are exciting bonuses and challenges that you can avail of by playing on Wednesdays. So, if you too are playing on any Wednesday, you may find that your game is crashing. To resolve the issues, follow these steps:

  • Try to clear your browser cache data, as too much cache may cause issues in the game.
  • Now, to clear the cache, open your browser and go to settings.
  • Now go to the history section, where you will find an option called cache and visited pages.
  • Select the “Clear Cache” option and get your cache data cleared.

Issue In Windows 10

Sometimes the Pogo games do not work with Windows 10 as the Edge browser may not support the game. Given below are the steps for changing the browser settings from Edge to Internet Explorer:

  • To change your browser, click on the windows icon on the left pan of the system.
  • Go to settings and click on system.
  • Under the system, click on the default apps and finally select the web browser option.
  • Under this, click on Edge browser, which will open a new window.
  • Then click on the IE browser, and this will set your IE browser as the default browser of your PC or Laptop.

Network Settings

Sometimes you may find disruptions in the game when your network connectivity is weak. To fix your network, try out the following steps.

  • First, click on the network settings and check whether there is a connection or not.
  • If you see a cross over your network name, then it means that there is no internet connection.
  • Switch off the network and re-enter your network name and password correctly. 
  • Then switch off the computer.
  • Finally, turn it on to check whether your network has been restored or not.

Pogo games are a fun way of engaging in leisure activities. But if you get frequent lags in the game, then it might be annoying. Hence, to resolve the issues, you can go through the solutions we have provided above.