Prime Video not working on Firestick

Prime Video not working on Firestick

I’ve been binge-watching a little of Netflix lately, but I started browsing through Prime Video and found some excellent shows. However, I noticed that recently the channel on my Prime Video stopped working. Therefore, I researched what I could do to fix it, and here’s what I discovered.

The first step is to close the app then reopening. To do that, click your Applications from the menu to the left with your Fire TV stick remote and then choose to open the Prime Video application. When you press the three vertical stripes button, a menu will appear. Then select ‘force stop.’

Then, you can launch. After that, you should open the Prime Video app and see whether it’s working as it should. There are many alternative fixes you can try if you have not been able to get it back working. Below, I’ll show you step-by-step how to accomplish each one.

Firestick Won’t Play Prime Video

After you’ve stopped forcefully Prime Video, Prime Video app, you should take the following steps if Prime Video still won’t play on your Firestick:

Make sure to restart your Fire TV stick, restart your TV or computer, and ensure whether your Fire TV stick and the Prime Video are running the most recent software version. Make sure you’re streaming Prime Video using one account across two devices, and then test whether your connection to the Internet is working.

Here is the step-by instruction on how to do each step:

  1. Restart your Fire TV Stick

If you want to restart the operation of your Fire TV stick, you can unplug it from the wall. Press and hold the select button – the big black round button on the remote of your Fire TV stick remote while it’s not plugged for 30 seconds to eliminate all the battery and out of your device.

Then plug in the Fire TV stick back into the power outlet, and let it start to turn on. After that, you can relaunch Prime Video and check if it’s working.

  1. Make it sure you use up-to-date software.

Make sure whether you are sure that the Fire TV stick’s software is up-to-date and that the software used to play Prime Video is up to the latest version. To check this, go to Settings located at the top of the menu. After that, select My Fire TV and then About. Then check for any updates.

To ensure all your apps are current, visit Settings and then choose Applications > Store > App Store > Automatic Updates.

The process of updating Prime Video manually

Any updates that are pending will be applied. However, it will install it sequentially. It starts with the app in the upper right corner on display. Therefore, Prime Video is usually not on the top of the priority list. But the good thing is that you can move it to the top of the list and upgrade it in a matter of minutes.

The steps are first to choose Applications in the main menu. Then, move your cursor over Prime Video. Prime Video there is Arrow buttons on your Fire TV stick remote.

Press your menu button on the Fire TV stick’s remote. The button comprises three lines that are stacked on top of each other. Then it will display another menu.

Another option available on this menu is ‘Move the front.’ Choose that option, and it will open a screen that contains details about Prime Video. Prime Video app. On your Tv screen, there is an option to show “Update” there device

In other cases, you can allow the automatic updates to be running in the background, and in a matter of days or so, all applications will be updated to the latest version. Based on the number of apps you’ve got and how significant these updates will be.

Make sure you’re not using the same account on two devices simultaneously.

Every Amazon Prime account can stream on one device at a time. For example, if you have a TV in your living room and another in the bedroom, you can not stream both simultaneously using an identical Amazon Prime account. Each Fire TV device needs a separate Prime Video account to stream simultaneously with another Fire TV device.

To solve this issue, It is recommended to sign up for an account on a different device if you wish to stream movies or shows using more than two Fire TV devices simultaneously.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

If your internet connection is not working, it could be slow or disconnected. To verify whether your internet connection is functioning correctly, try using another application, or browse a website on a different device that uses similar Wi-Fi connections.

If the pages load smoothly, you can try watching the video on to determine whether you’re receiving a decent internet connection. If the Internet is not performing as fast, you need to turn the modem off and try again.

If your Internet is still operating slow, it’s time to call your internet service provider. They’ll guide you through several fixes to find the root of the issue and ensure that your Internet is operating at the correct speed.

Firestick Prime Video Not Loading

Sometimes, you’ll attempt to start Prime Video on your Fire TV stick, but it doesn’t work, or you see an empty screen. Here’s how you can restore it to working.

Begin the process by restarting the Fire TV stick. To do this, disconnect it from the wall. After that, press your select switch on the Fire TV stick remote for 30 minutes. This will remove any remaining energy from the Fire TV stick device. Then plug it back in and let it run for a few minutes.

Check whether Prime Video is working now. If not, you need to restart the device that you’re using the Fire TV stick on. For instance, if using it with your TV, you should continue your TV.

It would help if you then went through the steps described above. The first option is ‘1. Restart your Fire TV Stick’. However, you’ve already completed that step, so skip step 2.

Complete each step and check to see if the Prime Video is working. If not, proceed to the next stage. It’s just a matter of trying different options until you discover the practical solution. In my vast electronics experience, restarting your Fire TV Stick and closing the app with force solves around 80% of the problems.

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