Printer Offline – HP LaserJet Printer Offline Step to Fix

HP LaserJet Printer Offline

If you notice the offline status issue on your printer for no apparent reason, there is nothing that could be more irritating than this. The HP LaserJet offline status is among those indicators that are enough to inform you that your printer can no longer respond to your commands regardless of the effort you put into it. So, this article will open up a door to you to look deeper to discover the root cause of this issue, making resolution much simpler.

That is why HP LaserJet Printer is Offline?

The following reasons will make things easier for you and guide you on how to resolve HP LaserJet’s offline status.

  • “Use Print Offline mode is selected
  • The printer you’re using isn’t set to be the default printer.
  • The driver for your printer maybe not working
  • There is a problem regarding the printer’s printer spooler
  • Your printer and Wi-Fi are not on the same network.
  • You’ve not saved your printer settings after you’ve changed them.
  • Your printer is experiencing grave issues with the jamming paper.

The above factors can be enforced on every HP Printer model. So, to solve the issue of problems with HP LaserJet Pro Printers p1102w MFP m277dw, P2015dn, 4250 offline, m276nw, There are a few standard solutions that users can use.

Solutions to help fix HP LaserJet printer offline on Windows 10

If you find that the HP Printer Outline Status gets you down, Try the solutions discussed in this article will guide you navigate your way:

Turn off offline printing.

  1. Begin by clicking on the Start menu.
  2. Choose the Settings tab, then Devices. Printers and Scanners.
  3. Right-click on your HP Printer name
  4. De-select”Use Printer Offline” from ” Use Printer Offlineoption

Print your printer using the default

  1. Visit the Control Panel for Windows 10. Windows 10 Control Panel
  2. Look for your way to the Printing and Devices menu
  3. If the printer model is set to the default model, then it’ll be marked with an asterisk on it
  4. If not, right-click the printer
  5. Select set as default printer
  6. Print a test print with your printer today
  7. Examine whether HP LaserJet’s offline status shows

Install printer driver updates

First, determine whether you’ve installed a compatible driver for your printer on the Windows 10 PC. If not, it is time to install these drivers. If not, visit to search for drivers compatible with your printer and install updates to your driver.

Fix printer spooler settings

  1. Start by opening your Rundialog box.
  2. Write MSC within the container for Run
  3. Scroll down the menu, and then click Printer Spooler.
  4. Right-click on this option, and select Stop
  5. Reboot your computer to save your settings

Check wireless connectivity

If HP LaserJet offline status shows up after following these methods, verify if your HP printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or not. If not, you must fix the connection issue between your router, printer, and PC.

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