Privacy Policy

We, at Solve Your Issue always pay attention to the privacy of our users. We take consent of our customers before they can put their information on our site. Our forum is open to all and that is why you need to think before you put any sensitive details on our website.

Automatically collected information

Some information is always collected automatically whenever you will access our website. The details like your IPAddress, Cookies, OS, Browser Information, System Settings etc. You can also manage the type of automatic data you want to share. We collect this information strictly to analyse the type of traffic we are getting in our website. But if you feel that you don’t want to share some of those information then you can change your settings accordingly.

Usage of the collected information

We always pay attention to different malpractices regarding the data. We use your information for some particular purposes. We customise the products and services according to the request provided by you. Our company provides proper support to solve different types of issues. We enhance our business only after taking into account the company policies. We perform some analytical tests on our website. When you are putting some data on our site you have to be sure that we always try to protect your data against fraud and illegal activities. Sometimes we can use the data to give you opportunities so that you can participate in different types of contest or events on our website.

Sharing of information

Sometimes we share your information with our service providers to give you proper support in certain area. We also use the information for our internal business work. In Solve Your Issue, all the information collected from the users are solely for analytical and statistical purpose. So, we always pay attention to so keep your data safe with us.

Safeguarding all the data

We have all the technical and physical measures from administrative perspective to safeguard the data of our customers from all types of unauthorized access. We save those data from unlawful activities, loss, misuse and alteration. But when you are accessing our website,we cannot give 100% guarantee of the security of data.

Retaining the data and its access

The data of a particular customer is retained for the period according to the need. We only extend that period for some law issues or dispute. So, we don’t retain any personal data of our users which is not complied with our privacy policy.

Information about the changes in policy

Whenever our privacy policy changes, we send the information to our regular users so that they can get to know the details. It is in our ethics policy to let our users know what they are sharing on our website. So, if you are using Solve Your Issue website for a long time then you must know our privacy policy.

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