roadrunner email settings

Roadrunner Email Settings

Roadrunner is a magnificent emailing service used currently by a large number of satisfied users. It is used for professional as well as personal purposes. The services are provided by an admired communication-based company Time Warner Cable (TWC) Internet Service Provider. This service can only be utilized if you are a user of TWC services. Roadrunner email settings can help you work efficiently.

Roadrunner email services offer some of the most functional as an intention to fulfill all the needs of an email user.

Setup an Email Account Using Roadrunner.

These are the steps to apply in Roadrunner email server settings to set up an email account using roadrunner

  1. In the Applications tap on My account.
  2. Click On “Add Account”
  3. As of now, you are in the “Set-Up Account Menu” and can also see several other social icons.
  4. Select the email icon.
  5. Now enter your complete email address that is followed by “” the domain name. Ensure that all the letters are fed in lowercase.
  6. Now enter the password in the space provided.
  7. Skip “Automatically configure Account”
  8. Click on the Next button
  9. Now the phone gets connected to the email servers. If all the steps go correct you will see “Success” on your screen.
  10. Your email setup is complete. Now you can send and receive emails.

Roadrunner Email Manual IMAP & POP Settings

POP Settings:

For these settings, you must have a webmail account and a stable internet connection.

  1. Go to settings in the Roadrunner email account.
  2. Click on POP settings in the manual server settings
  3. Select the account type as POP & POP3
  4. Make the incoming server mail as and the incoming server port as 110
  5. Set the security type to none for the port
  6. Set the outgoing server as and the outgoing server port as 587.
  7. As earlier set the security type to none.
  8. At the place of username use your full roadrunner email address.
  9. Enter the roadrunner email passcode in the space provided.
  10. Enter Done. You have successfully done the POP settings.

IMAP Settings:

For these settings, you need to have a stable internet connection and a roadrunner email account.

  • Open the mail app on your device and provide your credentials
  • Select the manual set-up option and uncheck the automatic configuration option on your screen.
  • Select the IMAP settings and Follow the following steps.
  1. Choose the account type as IMAP and change the incoming servers to
  2. Set the incoming server port to 143.
  3. Change the security type as SSL/TLS and security type as none.
  4. Set the outgoing servers as (Same as incoming servers)
  5. Make the outgoing port as 587 and the security type as none.
  6. Make the insecure port as none
  7. Enter the complete roadrunner email address along with the email password.
  8. Uncheck the server secure and verified certificate option.
  9. After the authentication provide the roadrunner email address and password again
  10. Click next and Type the account name you want to be displayed.
  11.  Select done.

Roadrunner settings POP3 Steps for Setting Roadrunner Email

Follow these steps for setting up the Roadrunner Email

Step 1: At the homepage click on the settings tab.

Step 2: After the first Step Click on Mail, Contact, and calendar. After this click on “Add mail Account”

Step 3: Enter the information asked such as Your Name, Roadrunner Email Address, Roadrunner email password, and the description in the space provided.

Step 4: After the completion of verification, provide the information regarding the servers. In the option of incoming mail servers choose roadrunner email settings POP3

Step 5: Enter the details such as hostname (Enter, the username (Enter your Roadrunner email address ), and password (Enter your Roadrunner email password).

Step 6: Click on Submit.

Step 7: in the outgoing mail servers enter the hostname (Enter, the username (Enter your Roadrunner email address ), and password (Enter your Roadrunner email password).

Step 8: Click on the save button and your email address in the nested boundary.

Step 9: Under the Outgoing mail server Click on the SMTP option.

Step 10: After clicking, select the under the option of main servers. (This opens a new page having details about SSL)

Step 11: Make sure that the detail of SSL should be displayed none and the detail of the server should be displayed 25. If these details are present there, then it’s ok. If not then do the settings again.

Step 12: Click the “Done” button

Step 13: In the page opened after clicking done ensure the SSL data. The detail in the server port must be and the detail displayed in SSL must be none

Step14: Click on the “Done” button which is the last step of POP3 email settings.

Configuring the Email Settings Using the Pop Setup?

  • Open my account on your device and click on the add account option.
  • You can use various social networking icons for set up.
  • Enter the login credential after selecting the email icon.
  • Configure the account and tap on the next icon and connect the email server. After this check the setup by sending and receiving emails using the email server settings on your device.

Configuring the RR email settings on an android phone for the POP servers.

  • Open the email application and click on the Next button
  • In the account type, select the POP3 option and enter the roadrunner email and password in the given area.
  • Configure the email password and server port for smooth and easy sending of receiving and sending emails.

IMAP and SMTP – TWC Email Server Settings 

Email settings for IMAP and SMTP

  • Go to the email application on your device and click on the “add account”
  • Provide the roadrunner email, password, and the username.
  • Follow the following steps to configure the account.
  1. Make the IMAP server as and select the security as none. Set the port as 993.
  2. Select the security port as 993 and make the security type as SSL/TLS.
  3. Set the insecure port at 143 and security type to none.
  • Follow the SMTP settings as follows.
  1. Set SMTP server as and security type as none. Set the outgoing port to 587.
  2. Set the security type to SSL/TLS. Make the insecure port to 587 and security type to none.

Setting Up Roadrunner email on Ipad

  • From the main screen of the iPad click on the setting options.
  • Select accounts and passwords.
  • Select the add account option and then select the other.
  • Choose add mail account and the new window will open up.
  • Enter the respective data asked such as username, description, email, and password.
  • Choose email servers and choose either IMAP or POP settings for the mail servers.
  • Set the correct server configurations and click on Done.

Setting Up Roadrunner email on iPhone

Follow these steps on the iPhone:-

  • Select the setting option.
  • Choose mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Choose your existing Roadrunner email address. If you need to create a new one, click on ‘Add account’
  • Select “Other”
  • Enter all the details after clicking the “add account” option.
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select “POP” and fill the outgoing and incoming mail servers in the way listed down.
  1. Set incoming mail server to “”
  2. Enter the username with the extension “”
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Enter the port to 110 and set secure to off.
  5. Set outgoing mail server to “”
  6. enter your username with the extension ‘
  7. enter your password
  8. Set port to 587 and secure server to off.
  9. Click the “Save” button.