3 Ways to Save Money on Spotify

Save Money on Spotify

You could look at several options that could save you money as you become a Spotify user. If you don’t utilize Spotify but are curious about it, this article can aid you in understanding the possibilities!

If you’re not aware of the concept behind the term “Spotify”, is it’s a fantastic platform for podcasts and music. I’ve been using it almost every day for the past few years. Highly recommend!

Here are 3 Ways to Save Money on Spotify

1. Utilize Spotify’s free version

Spotify offers a bare-bones version of the service: Spotify Free. The name of the app says it all. It’s completely free! If you’re comfortable playing music with Shuffle Play, this one is perfect for you.

The other popular Spotify alternative includes Spotify Premium. Spotify Premium isn’t completely free and costs $9.99/month; However, you can test it for no cost for a month.

These are the main differences between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium:

If you believe you could cut out the Premium Spotify features, you can use the free version! This is money well-saved (about $120 per calendar year!). It’s a good idea to consider downgrading Spotify Free to Spotify Free if right now you’re using Spotify Premium and you rarely use it.

2. For students, take advantage of the student plan.

If you’re a college or university student at a US Title IV accredited college or university and over 18 years old, then you’re eligible to use Spotify Premium for Students.

It’s similar to Spotify Premium, but at a fraction of the cost, at $4.99/month.

If you’re a college student, you should look into this! Particularly if you have Premium and have just recently joined one of the universities or colleges which is eligible. You could save the equivalent of half your cost.

One roof with multiple accounts? You can get family coverage with the family plan family has recently taken advantage of. Three of my relatives live within the same building, and each had to pay $9.99/month per month for Spotify accounts, and it’s around $30 per month.

With Premium Family, upto six people who live under the same house can pay the one-time monthly cost, which is $15.99/month TOTAL. It’s a great bargain! Since my three family members have switched onto this particular version of Spotify and split the bill in three ways, each paying 5 dollars per month rather than $9.99/month each. They are each saving around $60 per year with this tiny modification.

Don’t worry that all accounts remain independent, even though they’re in the plan of Family.

Family members of mine are in love with it! They all enjoy the identical Spotify experience they’re accustomed to, but at less than a third of the cost, they originally paid.

3. Do you want to save one person? Try Duo

If there’s not a family, you’d like to share the cost with, but one additional person living in the same home as you, who also has Spotify and Spotify, you can try to use the Duo plan. With Duo, you and that another person can both be the same account and reduce the monthly costs for both of you.

Duo costs just $12.99 per month! It’s split between two users. This is about $6.50 per month, which is less than the $9.99 that you pay for both of them if you are using Spotify Premium.

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