Solutions and Repairs for Canon Printers Printing Blank pages

Canon Printer printing blank

The information in this article will assist those experiencing the problem of Canon printers printing blank pages by following the correct procedure.

Top Reasons Behind Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

These are the leading causes that lead to Canon printer printing blank pages:   

● Maybe there is an error in Canon printers’ drivers or hardware. Canon printer.   

● The cartridge could have a problem since it might not be installed correctly.   

● Insufficient Ink levels or any other issues could cause Canon printers to produce blank paper.   

● Because of a vacuum obstruction within the printing device.

● A corrupted or faulty software could be the reason behind this issue.   

Steps To Resolve Canon Pixma Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

Take note of the steps below to resolve the Canon MX490 Printer Offline issue:

Printer Settings Deep Cleaning

● Start the Control Panel from the Windows desktop and then go to” Devices and Printers” from the “Devices and Printers” link.   

● Click here to select “Properties” after right-clicking on the Canon printer’s model name.   

● Check “Device Settings” from the printer properties section and select “Preferences”.   

● Select the “Print head option” present under the “Preference” option. After that, select the “Services and Clean Print head” option.   

● It is possible to repeat the option mentioned in the preceding paragraph as many times as necessary until the print head has been purged. 

● On the “Maintenance” tab, select the “Deep cleaning” and “Nozzle check” options.   

● This is where you can experiment to test whether or not the printer is printing correctly.   

Update the Printer Driver 

Follow this simple procedure to resolve Canon printers that are not printing blank pages. Follow the steps below to update the driver for your printer.

● Start by clicking the Windows Home key + S key to open the Search box. Click on Device Manager. 

● After having the Device Manager open, click on the ‘Print Queue’ option and expand it.   

● After that, right-click on the printer, then select the Update Driver Option’ and verify whether or not the update is installed.  

● Then, choose the ‘Update option, and then install it.   

● Once it’s done, reboot your system and run the test print.   

Reinstall the Canon Printer Driver:

If your printer is still producing blank pages, install the driver again by taking these steps:    

● Open the Control Panel, go to the control panel and then Programs and Features Find the driver for your printer. 

● Right-click onto the software driver, then tap Uninstall    

● Reboot your system and download the driver for your printer from    

The Breather Tape: 

It must be checked right away and removed if it no longer forms a vacuum inside the cartridge. This will allow the ink to flow onto the paper, resulting in the printing of blank pages.

Install a New Cartridge Before It Runs Dry:

It’s always an excellent choice to replace your old cartridge before it dries up completely and is completely depleted of ink. Your printer will display indicators it is running low on ink.  

Unclog the Print Heads 

The issue can also occur when the printer isn’t used for an extended period. So, clean the obstructions from the cartridge using these steps thoroughly:   

● First, turn off the printer, then get rid of the print heads that have been blocked.     

● Remove the cartridge from the Canon printer.     

● Cleanse the printer using an unclean soft cloth.     

● Install a brand new cartridge in the printer and then start using it. printhead     

We hope that your Canon printer that prints blank pages has been solved.

Important Point to Prevent Printing Blank Page Issue    

● A regular printing schedule is essential since it will ensure ink’s continuous flow and stop it from getting blocked. 

● Only use high-quality generic cartridges, and make sure the nozzles aren’t clogged or choked.

Place the printer in a dry, cool place to ensure that the ink does not thicken or form a solid inside the print head.

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