Yahoo Emails not receiving email

Guidelines for Yahoo Mail not receiving Emails

It’s difficult and nearly intolerable to miss an important email or an important message. It becomes difficult if yahoo mail not receiving mails i.e your inbox stops working.

Your yahoo account can stop receiving mail at any time due to several possible reasons. Following are the listed method you should try when you face the issue of not receiving mail.

Reasons which may be possible for Yahoo mail not receiving emails.

  1. Account Issues
  2. System interruption
  3. User error

Some of these causes have a direct solution which others may require you to wait for a while and let the system sort it out.

The below-provided solutions are applicable to all the present versions of Yahoo.

1.    Spam Folder

Check the spam folder of your inbox. Yahoo’s automatic intelligence does a decent job of making sure that unwanted malicious emails don’t reach your inbox. It is very much possible that the email which you are finding may have ended up delivering over there.

2.    Check Your Filters

Yahoo mail has an automatic filter option to automatically sort the mails as soon as they reach you. Parallel to spam it might be possible that it catches the mail you don’t intend to.

3.    Look for a “Reply-to”

Yahoo has a cool feature that allows users to specify a different mail address to receive emails. Check the mailbox setting to ensure that your emails are being delivered where you want.

Note: – If your reply to service is on then check the account for the required mail.

4.    Blocked Address List

It might be possible that you don’t receive emails because the person is on your mail blocklist whether intentionally or not. Go to the security and privacy settings and look for the “blocked accounts” menu.

5.    Self Working:-

One way to check that the email service is working properly is to send yourself a mail and check if you receive it or not.

If there is a specific error then an error code will appear for which you can look up over the internet.

6.    Reser your browser

If you are using a web browser to view the inbox, try clearing the cache you may have accumulated. Reset your browser and refresh the page. Again follow the 5th method to see if the error still persists.

  • Try signing out and again logging into your account. You may have lost connection between your account and the device. Try to login again may reestablish the wrong connection.
  • Try accessing inbox from a different device or a web browser. Although this method is not appropriate but may help you to solve your problem.
  • For the yahoo mail app, search for the latest version of the app and try updating it.

Although the yahoo app gets updated in the background, it’s still suggested to do so.

  1. Try reaching contact . This is the last thing you can do from your side. Yahoo team will help you sort your problem. Yahoo representative will direct you towards some more of the troubleshooting steps.