Verizon Email Setup On iPhone

Verizon email setup on iphone

Utilizing Verizon on a PC or in a browser is an easy task. But when it comes to setting up the Verizon email account on an iPhone, it takes an unexpected turn. Users cannot proceed with advanced technical knowledge of setting up and the steps. We have an instruction guide to provide you with the correct method to configure Verizon emails on the iPhone.

However, before that, you must be aware of the primary Verizon email POP and IMAP settings needed to use the Verizon mail configuration on the iPhone.

Verizon Email IMAP and POP Settings

Server for Verizon IMAP:

993 is the server port.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption

Server: Verizon POP3 Settings ( for Verizon Yahoo)

Port: 995

Encryption SSL

Verizon Email SMTP Settings

Server SMTP Address:

Secure Connection: SSL

username for SMTP Username: Your complete email address (

Port SMTP Number: 465 SMTP

Password: your account password (SSL)

Important Note: For Verizon Yahoo, The SMTP Server Address is

Essential Things to Consider Before creating Verizon Email on iPhone

  1. Check that your device is correctly connected to the internet.
  2. There should not be a virus present on the device.
  3. The iOS version must be current.
  4. Make sure you use the app password if you have TFA enabled on the Account you use with Verizon mail account.

How to Configure Verizon Email on an iPhone

If you’ve got the correct configurations, follow the following steps: You can create Verizon emails on the iPhone.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select the “Settings” menu.

Step 2: Open Mail; the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar” page will appear next.

Step 3: Click “Add Account” after selecting Account.

Step 4: You’ll be required to choose “Other” from the email services list.

The 5th step: select “Add Account,” You must enter your name, email address, password, and description on the following screen.

●    Name: (Your Full Name).

●    Send an email to: (Email Address of your Verizon Account).

●    Password: (Password of your Verizon Account).

●    Description: (A short description or write Verizon ID).

Step 6: Select POP as the kind of email account by clicking “Next.”

Step 7: Now, under the “Incoming Mail Server” section Select POP3.

● Hostname:

● Username: your Verizon email address

● Password: your Verizon email password

Step 8: Next, for the “Outgoing mail server,” fill in the following information and press “Next”:

● Hostname:

● Username: your Verizon email address

● Password: your Verizon email password

Step 9: Make sure you check the “Email” properly and click on “Save.”

Step 10: Now, it’s time to verify that the settings are correct. Therefore, click “Advanced” and check if the information below is present within the “Incoming server” menu “Incoming server” menu:

● Use SSL: on

● Identity check: Password

● Server port: 995

Step 11. In the screen before, you can open the “Outgoing Server” menu by clicking and verify that the information is identified as the following:

● Use SSL: on

● Identity check: Password

● Server port: 465

Step 12: Select “Done” from the top right corner, and then restart your device to allow the configuration of Verizon email on your iPhone.


If you comply with these steps and steps with care, it is possible to access Verizon email in iPhone mail successfully. If you experience any problem, you should remove it and add your Verizon mail account.

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