How to Solve Hotmail Not Working Issue in 2022

hot mail not working

Email services let users connect professionally and privately, and safely. Hotmail is the first service to be launched on the web by Microsoft. It’s a no-cost web-based service that has many active applications. Users can exchange and send an email at fast speeds, protect their accounts, and retrieve an account straightforwardly. And many other features to take advantage of. If technical or non-technical issues, such as Hotmail issues, may occur.

If your Hotmail account stops working and you don’t get an email, It could be extremely frustrating for you. There are various causes for this issue, and you need to identify the reason if you want to resolve it. Go through the blog to gain more information on the topic.

Probable Reasons That Lead To Issues In Hotmail Not Working

Are you thinking about what could be the root of this problem? Check out the below:

  • Server down issue
  • Because of the issue with network connectivity
  • Hotmail isn’t compatible with the web browser you’re using.
  • Hackers could compromise Hotmail accounts
  • Incorrect username or password
  • Cookies and caches may be the sole reason for this issue.
  • Due to the wrong setup.

Effective Way to Fix your Hotmail Not Working Issue

Effective Way to Fix your Hotmail Not Working Issue

Here is the same best way to easily solve Hotmail not working problem. If they tempt you to wander to distraction, you must keep your focus on the instructions below. You can be sure that Hotmail isn’t responding to a problem that can be resolved in one second. Therefore, let us take a peek:

1. Check The Server Status

At the beginning and the predictions, it’s suggested that you check the server’s status to see if it’s inaccessible or is not. Because of a server failure, the Hotmail will not work. They, therefore, recommended it to check the server to ensure it’s not in the wrong state.

2. Troubleshoot Your Browser

If the web browser you’re using is damaged, you cannot access your Hotmail website and use this service. Check your browser first. Follow these steps to resolve browser-related issues:

  • Remove the history of your browser
  • Remove the Cookies from Browser
  • Reset The Browser

3. Check Network Settings

If your device isn’t fully connecting to the web, there is a good probability that you cannot solve to resolve the Hotmail issue. It is therefore recommended to test the internet connectivity immediately. If there’s no connection, try rebooting your router, modem, and computer. Wait for several minutes. Then, try accessing your Hotmail. It may run, and you can work without difficulty.

4. Be sure to enter your username and password correctly.

Because of Hotmail problems with sign-in, for instance, if you type in the wrong username or password, Your Hotmail account will not function. First, you verify that the username and password you entered are accurate and suitable. If you’ve lost your password, reset your password easily. If you provide the correct details regarding the account you have on Hotmail accounts, then you cannot correct this error.

5. Cannot send/receive emails in Hotmail.

Because of a variety of reasons, you cannot be able to send or receive emails from the account of your Hotmail account. We will look over the points below to find the reasons and solutions.

  • You’ve Created An Email filter. If you’ve created your email filter, this is the main reason you can’t send or receive emails. Therefore, eliminate the filter from the email immediately.
  • Allow Forwarding to any email address: This might also be why you can’t forward or receive emails. So, turn off Forwarding to fix the problem.
  • If you block any email address, you won’t get any emails if you have secured any email address. Therefore, you must unblock them to change your settings for the account.

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